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Understanding cholesterol: high is bad but too low may also be risky – is low cholesterol associated with cancer?
Authors: V. Simko, E. Ginter
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.2, p.59-65, 2014
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LETTER TO THE EDITOR. Surgical treatment of malignant pleural effusions
Authors: K. Kovacicova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.54-54, 2014
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Biliary atresia – a new derivative method?
Authors: E. Murar, A. Barta, P. Omanik, J. Trnka
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.49-53, 2014
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Amelogenesis imperfecta and the treatment plan – interdisciplinary team approach
Authors: B. Suchancova, D. Holly, M. Janska, J. Stebel, J. Lysy, A. Thurzo, S. Sasinek
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.44-48, 2014
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A radiologic correlation with the basic functional neuroanatomy of the brain
Authors: Z. Bilicka, M. Liska, P. Bluska, J. Bilicky
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.38-43, 2014
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Gastric stimulation in treatment in type 2 diabetes mellitus
Authors: P. Zonca, C. Hoppe, M. Cambal, C. A. Jacobi
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.34-37, 2014
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Ultrasound diagnosis of macrosomia
Authors: A. Filkaszova, J. Chabada, P. Stencl, J. Drobny, R. Sysak, H. Urban, J. Oravec, B. Lamprechtova, V. Oroszova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.30-33, 2014
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Treatment efficiency of resistant hypertension in cardiologist’s office
Authors: A. Dlesk, G. Kamensky, M. Stefanik, M. Kuzma, M. Pernicky
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.25-29, 2014
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Dental amalgam implantation and thyroid autoimmunity
Authors: G. Kisakol
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.22-24, 2014
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Celiac disease and dysfunctional uterine bleeding; the efficiency of gluten free diet
Authors: M. J. Ehsani-Ardakani, M. Fallahian, K. Rostami, M. Rostami-Nejad, S. Lotfi, H. Mohaghegh-Shalmani, R. Dabiri, M. Norouzinia, F. Azizpour-Shoobi, M. R. Zali
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.19-21, 2014
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Transvaginal ultrasound examination of myometrial infiltration by endometrial cancer
Authors: P. Miklos, M. Klacko, P. Babala, L. Masak, D. Ondrus, I. Waczulikova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.14-18, 2014
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Delta deletion 4977 in mitochondrial DNA in patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s disease
Authors: A. Taravari, S. Panov, I. Petrov, V. Petrova, F. Medziti, G. Haliti
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.7-13, 2014
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The evaluation of analgesic effects of milnacipran and sertraline in tail-flick test
Authors: M. Kesim, M. N. Yanik, M. Kadioglu, D. Pepeoglu, I. Erkoseoglu, N. I. Kalyoncu, E. Yaris
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.115, No.1, p.3-6, 2014
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