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Reliability of the cervical vertebrae maturation (CVM) method
Authors: A. Predko-Engel, M. Kaminek, K. Langova, P. Kowalski, P. S. Fudalej
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.4, p.222-226, 2015
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Long term experience of patients with unresectable or metastatic KIT positive gastrointestinal stromal tumours
Authors: I. Kocakova, I. Kocak, S. Spelda, E. Krejci, B. Bencsikova, A. Jureckova, R. Vyzula, Z. Bortlicek, J. Strenkova, P. Brabec
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.4, p.218-221, 2015
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Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in inflammatory bowel disease – As a new predictor of disease severity
Authors: G. Acarturk, A. Acay, K. Demir, M. S. Ulu, A. Ahsen, S. Yuksel
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.4, p.213-217, 2015
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Imported new world cutaneous leishmaniasis in a traveller from Slovakia
Authors: F. Ondriska, P. Bukovinova, J. Votypka, E. Nohynkova, V. Boldis
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.203-206, 2015
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Attenuation of bleomycin induced lung fibrosis by erdosteine and inhibition of the inducible nitric oxide synthase
Authors: A. Guzel, S. Kayhan, S. Tutuncu, A. Guzel, L. Duran, H. Alacam, M. Gunaydin, A. Caglar Torun, M. Z. Yilmaz, M. Y. Selcuk, N. Murat
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.196-202, 2015
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Evaluation of preemptive dexketoprofen trometamol effect on blood chemistry, vital signs and postoperative pain in dogs undergoing ovariohysterectomy
Authors: Z. K. Saritas, T. B. Saritas, K. Pamuk, M. Korkmaz, M. V. Yaprakci, O. Yilmaz, I. Demirkan
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.191-195, 2015
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Mechanism of protein phosphatase-2Aregulating phosphorylation of amyloid precursor proteosome and Aβ generation
Authors: J. W. Zhang, L. J. Jing, G. Jian, G. C. Dong
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.184-190, 2015
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Ameliorative effect of Leflunomide on lung injury following an aspiration
Authors: M. Z. Yilmaz, A. C. Torun, A. Guzel, N. Murat, A. Okuyucu, N. Yilmaz, A. Gacar, T. Guvenc, A. Guzel
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.177-183, 2015
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Serum omentin levels predicts mesenteric ischemia
Authors: M. Sit, G. Aktas, E. E. Yilmaz, M. Tosun, E. H. Terzi, A. Alcelik
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.173-176, 2015
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Use of infliximab in treatment of acute pancreatitis
Authors: S. Ozcevik Tekin, S. Teksoz, D. Terzioglu, A. E. Arikan, H. Ozcevik, E. Uslu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.167-172, 2015
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Effects of modafinil on pentylenetetrazol-induced convulsive epilepsy
Authors: S. Ozsoy, D. Aydin, F. Ekici
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.162-166, 2015
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Methylene blue as an antioxidant agent in experimentally-induced injury in rat liver
Authors: B. Bozkurt, E. G. Dumlu, M. Tokac, A. B. Ozkardes, M. Ergin, S. Orhun, M. Kilic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.157-161, 2015
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Cytocompatibility of implants coated with titanium nitride and zirconium nitride
Authors: P. Prachar, S. Bartakova, V. Brezina, L. Cvrcek, J. Vanek
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.154-156, 2015
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Influence of Rho kinase inhibitor fasudil on late endothelial progenitor cells in peripheral blood of COPD patients with pulmonary artery hypertension
Authors: P. Liu, H. M. Zhang, Y. J. Tang, C. F. Sheng, J. X. Liu, Y. J. Zeng
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.150-153, 2019
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Soluble P-selectin glycoprotein ligand – a possible new target in ulcerative colitis
Authors: J. Ajdukovic, I. Salamunic, I. Hozo, B. Rosic Despalatovic, M. Simunic, D. Bonacin, Z. Puljiz, G. Trgo, Z. Sundov, A. Tonkic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.147-149, 2015
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Contemporary skull development – palatal angle analysis
Authors: T. Dostalova, H. Eliasova, D. Gabcova, J. Feberova, M. Kaminek
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.3, p.143-146, 2015
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Incidental kidney findings in ultrasonography: a hidden iceberg bottom for patients with chronic hepatitis B?
Authors: Z. Dogan, M. Sarikaya, B. Ergul, L. Filik
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.136-136, 2015
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C. zeylanicum aqueous extract induced apoptosis in the human myelocytic leukemia cell line (THP-1)
Authors: V. Assadollahi, M. Gholami, A. Zendedel
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.132-135, 2015
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Effects of Ankaferd Blood Stopper and calcium alginate in experimental model of hepatic parenchymal bleeding
Authors: O. Aydin, S. Tuncal, B. Kilicoglu, A. K. Onalan, M. A. Gonultas, H. Ozer, A. Durhan, V. Tasova, S. Hucumenoglu, K. Kismet
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.128-131, 2015
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Appreciation of trimetazidine treatment in experimental sepsis rat model
Authors: A. Tanoglu, L. Yamanel, V. Inal, R. Ocal, B. Comert, C. Bilgi
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.124-127, 2015
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