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Tumor aggressiveness risk factors in the differentiated thyroid carcinoma
Authors: J. Lukas, B. Hitnausova, J. Jiskra, M. Syrucek
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.91-93, 2016
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Immune-mediated cochleovestibular disease
Authors: M. Suchan, L. Kaliarik, S. Krempaska, J. Koval
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.87-90, 2016
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Genetic variation in vascular endothelial growth factor gene and its association with recurrent spontaneous abortion
Authors: S. Saboori, Z. Noormohammadi, S. Zare-Karizi
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.80-86, 2016
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Lack of serum antineuronal antibodies in children with autism
Authors: A. K. Bayram, F. Kardas, E. O. Demirci, S. Gokahmetoglu, S. Ozmen, M. Canpolat, D. B. Oztop, S. Kumandas, H. Gumus, H. Per
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.77-79, 2016
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Stenting of stenotic aortopulmonary collaterals in non-surgically treated adolescent or adult patients with pulmonary atresia, ventricular septal defect and multiple aortopulmonary collaterals
Authors: P. Olejnik, P. Tittel, Z. Venczelova, J. Masura
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.72-76, 2016
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Region-specific differences in colorectal cancer: Slovakia and Hungary have highest incidence in Europe
Authors: V. Simko, E. Ginter
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.2, p.66-71, 2016
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Gastric cancer with liver metastasis
Authors: V. Marek, R. Zahorec, J. Palaj, S. Durdik
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.59-61, 2016
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Polylactic acid and polyethylene glycol prevent surgical adhesions
Authors: B. Ozpolat, N. Gunal, Z. Pekcan, E. S. Ayva, O. Bozdogan, S. Gunaydin, K. Dural
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.54-58, 2016
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Combination effect of melatonin and dexamethasone on liver ischemia/reperfusion injury
Authors: M. Taghizadieh, B. Hajipour, N. Ahmadi Asl, A. Khodadadi, M. H. Somi, M. Banei
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.47-53, 2016
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The effects of epidural bupivacaine on ischemia/reperfusion-induced liver injury
Authors: Z. Sarikus, N. Bedirli, G. Yilmaz, U. Bagriacik, F. Bozkirli
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.41-46, 2016
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Vitamin C ameliorates high dose Dexmedetomidine induced liver injury
Authors: M. Arslan, S. C. Sezen, H. C. Turgut, M. Kocabiyik, H. Arpaci, F. M. Comu, L. Ozturk, M. Kavutcu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.36-40, 2016
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Antibacterial effects of conventional glass ionomer cement
Authors: A. Dimkov, E. Gjorgievska, J. W. Nicholson, A. Kaftandzieva
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.31-35, 2016
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Some aspects of health status of the Gypsy population in Slovakia
Authors: I. Bartosovic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.26-30, 2016
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Type and occurrence of serious complications in patients after mild traumatic brain injury
Authors: S. Sivak, V. Nosal, M. Bittsansky, J. Dluha, D. Dobrota, E. Kurca
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.22-25, 2016
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Validation study of a conventional enzyme immunoassay to detect HIV antibodies in oral fluid
Authors: D. Stanekova, M. Mirandola, L. Gios, C. Botsi, M. Habekova, V. Gonzales-Soler, G. K. Nikolopoulos
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.19-21, 2016
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Soluble receptor for advanced glycation end products in late-onset neonatal infection
Authors: B. Zolakova, V. Zolak, J. Hatok, K. Matasova, S. Nosal, M. Zibolen
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.15-18, 2016
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Risk of tuberculosis in patients treated with biological medicines
Authors: J. Homolka
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.11-14, 2016
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Characterization of surgical cardiac tumors
Authors: J. G. Castillo, G. Silvay, P. Boateng
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.116, No.1, p.3-10, 2016
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