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Alpha-2-macroglobulin and hyaluronic acid as fibromarkers in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Authors: B. Pitekova, V. Kupcova, E. Uhlikova, V. Mojto, L. Turecky
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.11, p.658-661, 2017
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Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and its effect on bone marrow. How serious is it and is there a true polyglobulia?
Authors: M. Levcikova, J. Breza Jr, J. Luha, J. Dubravicky, E. Kovacova, J. Fillo
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.11, p.654-657, 2017
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Prevalent placement error of deep brain stimulation electrode in movement disorders (technical considerations)
Authors: M. Kloc, Z. Kosutzka, J. Steno, P. Valkovic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.11, p.647-653, 2017
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FOXP3, RORγt and IL-10 cytokine profile in chronic heart failure
Authors: F. Gorzin, A. A. Amirzargar, M. J. Mahmoudi, Z. Rahnemoon, F. Najmi Varzaneh, M. Hedayat, S. Sadati, V. Eskandari, Z. Rahmati, N. Rezaei
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.637-641, 2017
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MEG3 long non-coding RNA prevents cell growth and metastasis of osteosarcoma
Authors: S. Z. Zhang, L. Cai, B. Li
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.632-636, 2017
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Early detection of cardiac surgery‑associated acute kidney injury by microRNA-21
Authors: P. Arvin, H. R. Samimagham, H. Montazerghaem, M. Khayatian, H. Mahboobi, F. Ghadiri Soufi
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.626-631, 2017
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The protective effect of thymoquinone over olanzapine-induced side effects in liver, and metabolic side effects
Authors: S. Bilgic, D. Tastemir Korkmaz, S. Azirak, A. N. Guvenc, N. Kocaman, M. K. Ozer
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.618-625, 2017
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Hemodynamic effects of epinephrine in rats: evaluation by impedance cardiography
Authors: C. H. Turkseven, E. Pekoglu, B. Buyukakilli
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.613-617, 2017
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Proprotein convertase 1 mediated proneuropeptide proteolytic processing in ischemic neuron injury
Authors: S. S. Tang, Z. Y. Liang, L. R. Guo, J. H. Zhang, D. Zhou
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.609-612, 2017
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Immunohistochemical investigation of P16, P53 and Ki-67’s prognostic values in diffuse large B-Cell lymphomas
Authors: M. Baran, O. Canoz, H. Altuntas, S. Sivgin, M. Cetin, A. Yay, S. Ketenci
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.602-608, 2017
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Effect of lipopolysaccharide on toll-like receptor-4 signals in mouse cancer cells
Authors: N. Dana, S. H. Javanmard, G. Vaseghi
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.598-601, 2017
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Comparison between the effect of kartogenin and TGFβ3 on chondrogenesis of human adipose- derived stem cells in fibrin scaffold
Authors: A. Valiani, M. A. Izadi, H. Bahramian, E. Esfandiari, B. Hashemibeni
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.591-597, 2017
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Investigation of the effectiveness of ghrelin treatment in lung tissue of rats with sepsis
Authors: H. Yorulmaz, E. Ozkok, G. Ates, S. Tamer
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.585-590, 2017
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Comparative analysis of human omental milky spots between the patients with colon cancer and the control group
Authors: L. Havrlentova, H. Faistova, M. Mazur, D. Ziak, S. Polak
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.580-584, 2017
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Iron deposition in rabbit cerebellum after exposure to generated and mobile GSM electromagnetic fields
Authors: M. Kopani, B. Filova, P. Sevcik, D. Kosnac, J. Misek, S. Polak, M. Kohan, J. Major, M. Zdimalova, J. Jakus
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.10, p.575-579, 2017
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Celiac disease and hearing loss
Authors: S. Lemajic-Komazec, L. Abenavoli
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.9, p.570, 2017
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Improving the potency of DNA vaccine encoding HIV-1 Nef antigen using two endogenous adjuvants in mouse model
Authors: B. S. Jafarzade, S. M. Sadat, R. Yaghobi, A. Bolhassani
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.9, p.564-569, 2017
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Protective effect of ischemic preconditioning on testis injury following transient focal cerebral ischemia in diabetic rats
Authors: M. Kumas, O. Altintas, M. Esrefoglu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.9, p.557-563, 2017
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Effects of N-acetyl cysteine to improve acute lung injury in rats
Authors: L. Q. Mao, X. B. Li
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.9, p.552-556, 2017
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Clinical and histopathological relationship of sildenafil and bosentan treatments in rats with monocrotaline induced pulmonary hypertension
Authors: D. Karpuz, O. Hallioglu, B. Buyukakilli, S. Gurgul, E. Balli, M. Ozeren, B. Tasdelen
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.118, No.9, p.544-551, 2017
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