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Apelin-13 increased food intake with serum ghrelin and leptin levels in male rats
Authors: S. Saral, M. Alkanat, A. Sumer, S. Canpolat
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.47-53, 2018
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Blockade of miR-663b inhibits cell proliferation and induces apoptosis in osteosarcoma via regulating TP73 expression
Authors: Y. Shu, W. Ye, Y. L. Gu, P. Sun
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.41-46, 2018
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The effects of resveratrol on hepatic oxidative stress in metabolic syndrome model induced by high fructose diet
Authors: C. Yilmaz Demirtas, F. S. Bircan, O. T. Pasaoglu, N. Turkozkan
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.36-40, 2018
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Both experimental hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism increase cardiac irisin levels in rats
Authors: E. Atici, E. Menevse, A. K. Baltaci, R. Mogulkoc
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.32-35, 2018
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Effect of quercetin on the brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene expression in the rat brain
Authors: M. Rahvar, A. A. Owji, F. J. Mashayekhi
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.28-31, 2018
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Protective role of microRNA-221 in Parkinson’s disease
Authors: L. Li, J. Xu, M. Wu, J. M. Hu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.22-27, 2018
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MicroRNA-375 regulates proliferation and apoptosis of glioma cancer cells by inhibiting CTGF-EGFR signaling pathway
Authors: L. X. Zhang, W. Jin, J. Zheng, Y. X. Dai, Y. Song, H. B. Ni, J. Jiang, W. B. Liang
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.17-21, 2018
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Histonedeacetylase 1 mRNA has elevated expression in clinical specimen of bladder cancer
Authors: M. Alivand, R. T. Soufi, A. H. Madani, S. N. Esmaeili, H. R. Vaziri, M. M. Sohani, M. Rafati, P. Hamami, F. Ajamian
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.12-16, 2018
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Decline in peripheral blood NKG2D+CD3+CD56+ NKT cells in metastatic colorectal cancer patients
Authors: M. Gharagozloo, A. Rezaei, H. Kalantari, A. Bahador, N. Hassannejad, M. Maracy, N. Nouri, M. Sedghi, H. Ghazanfari, B. Bayat
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.6-11, 2018
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Late relapse in stage I of nonseminomatous germ cell testicular cancer on surveillance
Authors: M. Ondrusova, M. Suchansky, M. Psota, T. Zeleny, D. Ondrus
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.1, p.3-5, 2018
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