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The impact of TFPI on coronary atherosclerotic burden
Authors: S. Kahraman, R. Erdim, F. Helvacioglu, A. Dogan, V. Sozer, D. Gunay, S. Aytekin, V. Aytekin
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.385-390, 2018
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Manganese dioxide nanoparticle induces Parkinson like neurobehavioral abnormalities in rats
Authors: L. Sadeghi, V. Yousefi Babadi, F. Tanwir
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.379-384, 2018
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Protective effects of intravenous lipid emulsion on malathion-induced hepatotoxicity
Authors: M. Esen, M. Uysal
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.373-378, 2018
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Determination of CEBPA mutations by next generation sequencing in pediatric acute leukemia
Authors: D. F. Akin, D. A. Oner, E. Kurekci, N. Akar
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.366-372, 2018
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Type 2 diabetes mellitus and thyroid disease: a two-sided analysis
Authors: S. Sotak, M. Felsoci, I. Lazurova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.361-365, 2018
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miRNA-31 over-expression improve synovial cells apoptosis induced by RA
Authors: C. Luo, J. S. Liang, J. Gong, H. L. Zhang, Z. J. Feng, H. T. Yang, H. B. Zhang, Q. H. Kong
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.355-360, 2018
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Effects of apelin-13 on myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury in streptozotocine induced diabetic rats
Authors: I. Gunes, H. Kartal, A. D. Dursun, N. Sungu, Y. S. Polat, F. D. Erkent, M. Arslan, A. Kucuk
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.348-354, 2018
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MicroRNAs in pathophysiology of acute myocardial infarction and cardiogenic shock
Authors: M. Pavkova Goldbergova, J. ipkova, J. Fedorko, J. Sevcikova, J. Parenica, J. Spinar, M. Masarik, A. Vasku
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.341-347, 2018
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Relationship between red cell distribution width and mean platelet volume with new onset atrial fibrillation afteroff-pump coronary artery bypass grafting
Authors: K. K. Ozsin, U. S. Sanri, F. Toktas, S. Yavuz
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.335-340, 2018
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Single umbilical artery and reproduction losses in Slovak population: relation to karyotype and fetal anomalies
Authors: J. Malova, D. Bohmer, J. Luha, A. Pastorakova, Z. Cierna, T. Braxatorisova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.330-334, 2018
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Eisenmenger syndrome – an electrocardiographic and echocardiographic assessment of the right ventricle
Authors: T. Valkovicova, M. Kaldararova, A. Reptova, M. Bohacekova, L. Bacharova, R. Hatala, I. Simkova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.6, p.321-329, 2018
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Antiproliferative and antiapoptotic effect of thymoquinone on cancer cells in vitro
Authors: G. Kus, M. Ozkurt, S. Kabadere, N. Erkasap, G. Goger, F. Demirci
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.312-316, 2018
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Iron chelating ligand for iron overload diseases
Authors: G. Ozbolat, A. Tuli
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.308-311, 2018
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Helicobacter pylori can be related to carotid intima-media thickness, epicardial adipose tissue thickness and serum neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) levels
Authors: Z. Karadag, T. Sehitoglu, M. C. Cure, H. Rakici, M. A. Ayvaz, R. Bedir, B. Kizilkaya, O. Z. Şahin, E. Cure
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.302-307, 2018
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Serum endocan level and the severity of spinal cord injury
Authors: K. Ur, S. Demiroz, A. S. Bengu, A. Ulucan, O. Oz Gergin, C. Kizmazoglu, E. Ozer
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.298-301, 2018
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Influence of perioperative hypothermia on blood clotting in children
Authors: A. Trckova, P. Stourac
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.294-297, 2018
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The predictive value of risk indices for cardiac complications in living donor liver transplantation
Authors: I. P. Canbolat, Y. Erdogan, G. Adali, O. Kaplan, M. Dayangac, Y. Yuzer, Y. Tokat
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.289-293, 2018
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miRNA-138 regulates MLK3/JNK/MAPK pathway to protect BV-2 cells from H2O2-induced apoptosis
Authors: R. Ren, S. D. Chen, J. Fan, G. Zhang, J. B. Li
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.284-288, 2018
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miRNA-489 as a biomarker in diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer
Authors: C. Juan, Q. Hua, Z. Ruping, W. Tingting
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.278-283, 2018
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Why is it necessary to examine retina when the patient suffers from aplastic anemia?
Authors: D. Tomcikova, A. Gerinec, B. Busanyova, M. Gresikova, S. Biskup, K. Hortnagel
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.119, No.5, p.275-277, 2018
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