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Vaspin, neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin and apolipoprotein levels in patients with psoriatic arthritis
Authors: S. Colak, A. Omma, S. C. Sandikci, C. Yucel, T. Omma, T. Turhan
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.65–69, 2019
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Endothelin 1, NF-κB, and ADAM-15 expression in diabetic foot wounds
Authors: R. Atic, E. Deveci
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.58–64, 2019
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Volume regulation of muscle cells in the carp Cyprinus carpio in response to hypernatremia
Authors: V. I. Martemyanov, N. Y. Poddubnaya
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.52–57, 2019
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Targeted next-generation sequencing in Slovak cardiomyopathy patients
Authors: E. Nagyova, J. Radvanszky, M. Hyblova, V. Simovicova, E. Goncalvesova, F. W. Asselbergs, L. Kadasi, T. Szemes, G. Minarik
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.46–51, 2019
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In vitro vasoactive effects of dexmedetomidine on isolated human umbilical arteries
Authors: O. Arun, S. B. Taylan, I. Duman, B. Oc, S. A. Yilmaz, A. Tekin, C. Celik, H. Bariskaner, J. B. Celik
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.40–45, 2019
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Induction of miR-31 causes increased sensitivity to 5-FU and decreased migration and cell invasion in gastric adenocarcinoma
Authors: A. Korourian, Z. Madjd, R. Roudi, A. Shariftabrizi, M. Soleimani
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.35–39, 2019
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Dinuclear ruthenium(II) Schiff base complex: a first in vivo study in Swiss albino mice
Authors: V. Muzika, S. Custovic, S. Alicelebic, E. Cosovic, A. Zahirovic, E. Kahrovic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.26–34, 2019
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Adult neural stem cell isolation from whole rat brain and neurosphere culture and differentiation
Authors: P. E. Ludwig, A. A. Patil
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.19–25, 2019
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New principles of cancer therapy give new hope for oncological patients
Authors: M. Bernadic Jr, R. Duchon, R. Aziri, B. Mladosievicova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.15–18, 2019
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Can alpha-1-acid glycoprotein affect the outcome of treatment in a cancer patient?
Authors: B. Pitekova, E. Uhlikova, V. Kupcova, M. Durfinova, V. Mojto, L. Turecky
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.9–14, 2019
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Commemorating 50 years since the first heart transplantation in Bratislava – Czechoslovakia
Authors: G. Silvay
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.1, p.3–8, 2019
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