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Molecular and IHC analysis of head and neck carcinomas associated with HPV infection
Authors: L. Stanek, K. Glendova, P. Tesarova, R. Gurlich, P. Holeckova, Z. Musil, J. Hrudka, M. Pala, F. Mateicka, M. Chovanec
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.11, p.832–838, 2019
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The relationship between Raynaud’s phenomenon and Helicobacter pylori
Authors: I. Alat
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.11, p.827–831, 2019
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IL-6 mediated JAK/STAT3 signaling pathway in cancer patients with cachexia
Authors: G. Guney Eskiler, E. Bezdegumeli, Z. Ozman, A. Deveci Ozkan, C. Bilir, B. N. Kucukakca, M. N. Ince, A. Y. Men, O. Aktas, Y. E. Horoz, D. Akpinar, I. Genc, S. Kaleli
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.11, p.819–826, 2019
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Preventative effect of diclofenac sodium and/or diltiazem in rats with epidural fibrosis
Authors: B. Erdogan, M. Is, F. V. Aker, S. T. Emon, T. Engin, E. A. Akar, E. Sayman, H. Somay
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.11, p.813–818, 2019
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Gut bacterial metabolites of indigestible polysaccharides in intestinal fermentation as mediators of public health
Authors: E. Hijova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.11, p.807–812, 2019
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The influence of anesthesia on intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring during spinal surgeries
Authors: J. Benuska, M. Plisova, M. Zabka, J. Horvath, P. Tisovsky, K. Novorolsky
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.794-801, 2019
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Effect of intralipid administration on calcium therapy in verapamil toxicity
Authors: S. Baltaci Ozen, S. H. Celebi, D. Coskun, I. Gungor, G. Inan
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.789-793, 2019
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Insufficient sleep duration is associated with worse self-rated health and more psychosomatic health complaints in adolescents
Authors: M. Kosticova, A. Madarasova Geckova, E. Dobiasova, Z. Dankulincova Veselska
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.783-788, 2019
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Effects of trimetazidine on nerve regeneration in a rat sciatic nerve injury model
Authors: G. Karahan, H. Kaya, M. A. Erdogan, G. Yigitturk, E. Gokyayla, O. Erbas
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.777-782, 2019
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Nod-like receptor protein 3 and nod-like receptor protein 1 inflammasome activation in the hippocampal region of postmortem methamphetamine chronic user
Authors: G. R. Mahmoudiasl, H. A. Abbaszadeh, M. Rezaei-Tavirani, M. A. Abdollahifar, M. S. Khoramgah, S. Niknazar, S. Darabi, N. A. Roozbahany
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.769-776, 2019
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Traditional thromboprophylaxis in elderlies with atrial fibrillation: What we can achieve in real life
Authors: M. Dubrava, F. Nemeth, T. Drobna, L. Gerlich
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.764-768, 2019
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High expression level of human epidermal growth factor (hEGF) using a well-designed fusion protein-tagged construct in E. coli
Authors: D. Shams, M. Alizadeh, S. Azari, S. Hosseini, S. Yasami-Khiabani, S. Samani, M. A. Shokrgozar
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.757-763, 2019
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Atorvastatin enhances apoptotic effects of tamoxifen on melanoma cancer cells
Authors: M. Ghasemi, M. Malek, Sh. Haghjooy Javanmard, A. Ghasemi, H. Naji Esfahani, G. Vaseghi
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.752-756, 2019
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Neural stem cells neuroprotection by simvastatin via autophagy induction and apoptosis inhibition
Authors: R. Varmazyar, A. Noori-Zadeh, H. A. Abbaszadeh, H. Ghasemi Hamidabadi, F. Rajaei, S. Darabi, M. J. Rezaie, M. A. Abdollahifar, F. Zafari, S. Bakhtiyari
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.744-751, 2019
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Exercise is good also for a healthy hippocampus
Authors: M. Canbolat, A. S. Kafkas, M. F. Erbay, D. Senol, F. Çevirgen, P. Senol, D. Ozbag
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.739-743, 2019
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Intraprocedural complications of uterine fibroid embolisation and their impact on long-term clinical outcome
Authors: V. Javorka, M. Malik, M. Mizickova, S. Palenik, P. Mikula, M. Redecha
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.734-738, 2019
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Serious imported infections: A focus on Chromobacterium violaceum
Authors: O. Dzupova, J. Benes
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.730-733, 2019
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Decreased plasma levels of 25(OH)D in multiple sclerosis patients. Correlation with disease severity expressed by EDSS, MSSS, progression index and Herbert´s scale severity grade
Authors: M. Bucova, V. Durmanova, D. Cudrakova, S. Blazickova, K. Gmitterova, E. Klimova, I. Lisa, K. Kluckova, B. Majernikova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.723-729, 2019
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Prevalence of sarcopenia among hospitalized internal medicine patients: A cross-sectional single-center pilot study according to EWGSOP2 criteria
Authors: P. Vrbova, J. Smaha, J. Stepan, D. Tobias, M. Kuzma, J. Payer, T. Koller
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.10, p.717-722, 2019
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Does the 2nd and 4th digit ratio reflect prenatal androgen exposure?
Authors: M. Suchonova, V. Borbelyova, E. Renczes, B. Konecna, B. Vlkova, J. Hodosy, D. Ostatnikova, P. Celec
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.9, p.703-710, 2019
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