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The effect of GnRH agonists on angiogenesis and its implications for the myocardium in patients with cardiac risk
Authors: Z. Valaskova, I. Hulin, O. El Hassoun, S. Polak, B. Mladosievicova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.601–603, 2019
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Effect of consuming high-fat diet on the morphological parameters of adrenal gland
Authors: F. Topal, H. Goren, F. Yucel, V. Sahinturk, Y. Aydar
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.593–600, 2019
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Neutrophil-lymphocyte and platelet-lymphocyte rate and their seasonal differences in ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis patients using anti-TNF medication
Authors: A. U. Enginar, C. Kacar
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.586–592, 2019
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Relationship between microRNA-206 plasma levels with the severity of coronary artery conflicts in patients with coronary artery disease
Authors: S. H. Zehtabian, R. Alibakhshi, S. Y. Seyedena, A. R. Rai
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.581–585, 2019
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Effects of cinchonine, a Cinchona bark alkaloid, on spontaneous and induced rat ileum contractions
Authors: G. Rankovic, V. Stankovic, M. Zivkovic, B. Rankovic, D. Laketic, M. Potic, M. Saranovic, G. Nedin Rankovic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.576–580, 2019
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Is arbutin an effective antioxidant for the discount of oxidative and nitrosative stress in Hep-G2 cells exposed to tert-butyl hydroperoxide?
Authors: N. Seyfizadeh, M Q. Tazehkand, A. Palideh, N. F. Maroufi, D. Hassanzadeh, M. Rahmati-Yamchi, F. Elahimanesh, S. Borzoueisileh
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.569–575, 2019
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Analysis of hemocoagulation tests for prediction of venom-induced consumption coagulopathy development after Viperidae bite
Authors: J. Valenta, Z. Stach, M. Porizka, P. Michalek
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.566–568, 2019
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The value of cordocentesis in current management of intrauterine patient
Authors: I. Kunochova, P. Papcun, M. Krizko Jr., M. Gabor, M. Alfoldi, V. Ferianec
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.563–565, 2019
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The role of genistein in experimental hepatic ischemia‒reperfusion model in rats
Authors: O. Akinci, V. Durgun, N. Kepil, S. Ergun, Y. Tosun, E. Goksoy
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.558–562, 2019
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Optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy based on speckle tracking
Authors: D. Sipula, M. Kozak, J. Sipula, M. Homza, J. Plasek, T.m Furst
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.552–557, 2019
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Use of Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold technology in treating coronary bifurcation lesions: A report about long-term clinical results and review of available literature
Authors: W. Elabbassi, M.A. Chowdhury, R. Hatala
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.8, p.545–551, 2019
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Overview of artificial neural network models in the biomedical domain
Authors: V. Renganathan
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.536–540, 2019
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Urinary megalin in association with progression factors of diabetic nephropathy
Authors: A. Akour, V. Kasabri, N. Bulatova, Y. Al-Motassem, H. Fahmawi, M. Momani, A. Zayed, R. Alquoqa, H. AlHawari
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.532–535, 2019
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Melatonin treatment prevents carbon tetrachloride-induced acute lung injury in rats by mitigating tissue antioxidant capacity and inflammatory response
Authors: M. Radovic, L. Ristic, D. Krtinic, M. Rancic, V. Nickovic, ZN. Vujnovic Zivkovic, JB Zivkovic, MV Mirkovic, DR. Toskic, D. Sokolovic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.527–531, 2019
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Circadian pain assessment in neonates from a nurse’s perspective
Authors: H. Padysakova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.523–526, 2019
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Mitochondrial toxicity of aluminium nanoparticles in comparison to its ionic form on isolated rat brain mitochondria
Authors: M. Arab-Nozari, E. Zamani, A. Latifi, F. Shaki
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.516–522, 2019
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Clinical predictors of complications in patients with left–sided infective endocarditis: A retrospective study of 206 episodes
Authors: M. Pazdernik, P. Wohlfahrt, J. Kautzner, J. Kettner, J. Sochman, J. Stasek, M. Solar, R. Pelouch, J. Vojacek
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.510–515, 2019
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What are the ideal screw lengths in volar locking plate fixation for distal radius fractures?
Authors: M. Kilian, P. Simkovic, R. Zamborsky, A. Skoda, P. Labas
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.505–509, 2019
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Perspectives of 3D printing technology in orthopaedic surgery
Authors: R. Zamborsky, M. Kilian, P. Jacko, M. Bernadic, R. Hudak
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.498–504, 2019
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3D navigation in surgery of Eagle syndrome
Authors: L. Czako, D. Hirjak, K. Simko, A. Thurzo, A. Janovszky, B. Galis
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.120, No.7, p.494–497, 2019
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