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Chromosome 17 centromere amplification and chromosomal instability (CIN) in breast cancer: Pathogenic and therapeutic implications
Authors: I. A. Voutsadakis
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.6, p.859–869, 2019
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Expression pattern of estrogen receptor β and its correlation with multidrug resistance in non-small cell lung cancer
Authors: L. Huang, T. Liu, H. Ji, S. Yang, J. Sui, W. S. Yang, G. Y. Liang, X. M. Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.847–857, 2019
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Differential expression of sonic hedgehog in lung adenocarcinoma and lung squamous cell carcinoma
Authors: L. Xu, H. Xiong, W. Shi, F. Zhou, M. Zhang, G. Hu, J. Mei, S. Luo, L. Chen
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.839–846, 2019
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Three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy versus intensity modulated radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost in the treatment of locally advanced head and neck carcinoma
Authors: M. Jirkovska, T. Novak, B. Malinova, R. Lohynska
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.830–838, 2019
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Circulating miR-31-5p may be a potential diagnostic biomarker in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Authors: S. J. YI, P. LIU, B. L. CHEN, L. OU-YANG, W. M. XIONG, J. P. SU
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.825–829, 2019
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Diagnosis and treatment of juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia in Slovak Republic: novel approache
Authors: O. Fabri, J. Horakova, I. Bodova, P. Svec, Z. Laluhova Striezencova, E. Bubanska, M. Cermak, V. Galisova, K. Skalicka, A. Vaska, D. Doczyova, A. Panikova, T. Sykora, J. Adamcakova, A. Kolenova
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.818–824, 2019
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The prognostic value of the 8th edition of the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) staging system in triple-negative breast cancer
Authors: J. P. LI, X. M. ZHANG, Y. S. ZHANG, L. H. ZHENG, Y. J. LIU
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.810–817, 2019
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Association between p53 protein phosphorylated at serine 20 expression and ovarian carcinoma stem cells phenotype: correlation with clinicopathological parameters of ovarian cancer
Authors: J. Bar, P. Grelewski, I. Deszcz, L. Noga, L. Hirnle, A. Lis-Nawara
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.801–809, 2019
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NKAP plays an oncogenic function partly through AKT signaling pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma
Authors: T. Song, J. Y. Liu, J. J. Yang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.792–800, 2019
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FPR2 enhances colorectal cancer progression by promoting EMT process
Authors: J. Lu, J. Zhao, C. Jia, L. Zhou, Y. Cai, J. Ni, J. Ma, M. Zheng, A. Lu
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.785–791, 2019
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The combination therapy of HIF1α inhibitor LW6 and cisplatin plays an effective role on anti-tumor function in A549 cells
Authors: L. Mai, M. Luo, J. J. Wu, J. H. Yang, L. Y. Hong
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.776–784, 2019
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Zoledronic acid modulates human osteosarcoma cells proliferation via GSK-3β activation
Authors: S. Li, J. J. Li
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.766–775, 2019
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Long non-coding RNA SNHG1 contributes to cisplatin resistance in non-small cell lung cancer by regulating miR-140-5p/Wnt/β-catenin pathway
Authors: S. L. Shi, Z. H. Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.756–765, 2019
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MiR-21-5p enhances the progression and paclitaxel resistance in drug-resistant breast cancer cell lines by targeting PDCD4
Authors: L. Tao, Y. Q. Wu, S. P. Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.746–755, 2019
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Analysis of ceRNA network identifies prognostic circRNA biomarkers in bladder cancer
Authors: L. Liu, S. Q. Wu, X. Zhu, R. Xu, K. Ai, L. Zhang, X. K. Zhao
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.736–745, 2019
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TRIM31 promotes proliferation, invasion and migration of glioma cells through Akt signaling pathway
Authors: G. Shi, C. Lv, Z. Yang, T. Qin, L. Sun, P. Pan, D. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.727–735, 2019
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The effect of postoperative radiotherapy on the survival of patients with resectable stage III-N2 non-small-cell lung cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Authors: H. ZHANG, D. X. ZHANG, T. JU, J. ZHOU
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.717–726, 2019
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MicroRNA-107 inhibits proliferation of prostate cancer cells by targeting cyclin E1
Authors: X. Zhang, K Jin, J. D. Luo, B. Liu, L. P. Xie
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.704–716, 2019
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Receptor interacting protein kinase 3 promotes cisplatin-induced necroptosis in apoptosis-resistant HepG2/DDP cells
Authors: B. Zhang, K. Cao, Z. Liu, W. Shan, Q. Wen, R. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.694–703, 2019
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Identification of key pathways and genes changes in pancreatic cancer cells (BXPC-3) after cross-talk with primary pancreatic stellate cells using bioinformatics analysis
Authors: D. TANG, Q. WU, Z. YUAN, J. XU, H. ZHANG, Z. JIN, Q. ZHANG, M. XU, Z. WANG, Z. DAI , H. FANG, Z. LI, C. LIN, C. SHI, M. XU, X. SUN, D. WANG
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.681–693, 2019
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