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A systematic review on the genetic analysis of paragangliomas: primarily focused on head and neck paragangliomas
Authors: A. Guha, Z. Musil, A. Vicha, T. Zelinka, K. Pacak, J. Astl, M. Chovanec
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.5, p.671–680, 2019
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Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis - a new approach in diagnostics and treatment
Authors: L. Vanovcanova, V. Lehotska, K. Machalekova, I. Waczulikova, E. Minarikova, K. Rauova, K. Kajo
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.661-668, 2019
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Efficacy comparison of targeted next-generation sequencing in the identification of somatic mutations in circulating tumor DNA from different stages of lung cancer
Authors: Y. Chen, T. Han, Y. Zhou, B. Mao, W. Zhuang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.652-660, 2019
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Recurrence after sentinel lymph node biopsy in cutaneous melanoma: a single-center experience in Slovak patients
Authors: M. Sabol, V. Reken, L. Sabolova, I. Waczulikova, R. Donat, D. Dyttert, P. Chvalny, S. Durdik
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.647-651, 2019
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The use of Human Inflammatory Response and Autoimmunity RT2 lncRNA PCR Array for plasma examination in breast cancer patients prior to therapy
Authors: M. Sterbova, E. Pazourkova, S. Santorova, I. Zednikova, P. Tesarova, M. Korabecna
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.641-646, 2019
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The value of detecting pepsinogen and gastrin-17 levels in serum for pre-cancerous lesion screening in gastric cancer
Authors: G. Yu, G. X. Wang, H. G. Wang, F. F. Mo, B. B. Tang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.637-640, 2019
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Clinical and prognostic significance of BRAF V600E mutation in non-metastatic cutaneous melanoma patients
Authors: F. Tas, K. Erturk
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.631-636, 2019
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ASXL1 gene alterations in patients with isolated 20q deletion
Authors: J. Brezinova, I. Sarova, K. Svobodova, H. Lhotska, S. Ransdorfova, S. Izakova, L. Pavlistova, L. Lizcova, K. Skipalova, L. Hodanova, J. Markova, Z. Zemanova, J. Cermak, A. Jonasova, K. Michalova
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.627-630, 2019
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Association between 18F-FDG uptake in PET/CT, Nrf2 and NQO1 expression and their prognostic significance in non-small cell lung cancer
Authors: S. Y. Park, S. J. Lee, J. H. Han, Y. W. Koh
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.619-626, 2019
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Intratumoral polymorphism of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta -87 T>C in colorectal cancer
Authors: B. Luo, H. W. Yang, F. W. Long, B. Zhou, Z. Y. Lv, K. L. Cheng, Y. Li, Z. G. Zhou, X. F. Sun
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.609-618, 2019
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Aberrant methylation of miR-125b1 in gastric cancer: A case-control study
Authors: M. Raad, Z. Salehi, S. T. Sasani, F. Mashayekhi, K. Aminian, M. H. Koutenayi
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.603-608, 2019
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Cucurbitacin B inhibits cell proliferation and induces cell apoptosis in colorectal cancer by modulating methylation status of BTG3
Authors: D. Mao, A. H. Liu, Z. P. Wang, X. W. Zhang, H. Lu
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.593-602, 2019
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Effects of neuroblastoma breakpoint family member 1 (NBPF1) gene on Akt-p53-Cyclin D pathway and growth of cutaneous squamous carcinoma cells
Authors: Y. Gao, H. Zhu, Q. Mao
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.584-592, 2019
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Drug-resistance reversal in colorectal cancer cells by destruction of flotillins, the key lipid rafts proteins
Authors: D. M. Ye, S. C. Ye, S. Q. Yu, F. F. Shu, S. S. Xu, Q. Q. Chen, Y. L. Wang, Z. T. Tang, C. Pan
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.576-583, 2019
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LncRNA TTN-AS1 contributes to gastric cancer progression by acting as a competing endogenous RNA of miR-376b-3p
Authors: M. M. Dong, S. J. Peng, Y. N. Yuan, H. P. Luo
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.564-575, 2019
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Acanthopanax senticosus polysaccharide suppressing proliferation and metastasis of the human non-small cell lung cancer NCI-H520 cells is associated with Wnt/β-catenin signaling
Authors: D. Sun, J. Chen, H. Hu, S. Lin, L. Jin, L. Luo, X. Yan, C. Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.555-563, 2019
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MiR-374b targets GATA3 to promote progression and development of glioblastoma via regulating SEMA3B
Authors: J. Gao, S. Bai , Y. Wang, S. Zhao, Z. He, R. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.543-554, 2019
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LncRNA SNHG20 promotes tumorigenesis and cancer stemness in glioblastoma via activating PI3K/Akt/mTOR signaling pathway
Authors: X. F. Gao, H. Q. He, X. B. Zhu, S. L. Xie, Y. Cao
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.532-542, 2019
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Glioma cell proliferation is inhibited by miR-342-3p, miR-377/E2F1 signaling pathway
Authors: H. Ying, C. Chi
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.524-531, 2019
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Exosomal miRNA423-5p mediated oncogene activity in papillary thyroid carcinoma: a potential diagnostic and biological target for cancer therapy
Authors: W. Ye, X. Deng, Y. Fan
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.4, p.516-523, 2019
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