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Pituitary tumor transforming gene binding factor (PBF) is required for androgen-induced prostate cancer proliferation and invasion
Authors: S. Q. HUANG, B. WANG, Q. J. LIAO, C. X. SHEN, W. B. LI
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.3, p.327-335, 2019
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Ablative dose stereotactic body radiation therapy for oligometastatic disease: a prospective single institution study
Authors: P. Burkon, T. Kazda, P. Pospisil, M. Slavik, L. Kominek, I. Selingerova, D. M. Blakaj, T. Prochazka, M. Vrzal, Z. Rehak, P. Slampa
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.315-325, 2019
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Case series on multiple prostate re-irradiation for locally recurrent prostate cancer: something ventured, something gained
Authors: S. Volpe, B. A. Jereczek-Fossa, D. Zerini, D. P. Rojas, C. Fodor, A. Vavassori, P. Romanelli, S. Vigorito, E. Rondi, S. Comi, R. Cambria, F. Cattani, S. Dicuonzo, P. De Marco, G. Beltramo, G. Musi, O. De Cobelli, G. Marvaso, R. Orecchia
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.308-314, 2019
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Survival prediction with score model based on clinical characteristics in advanced HCC patients receiving oxaliplatin-containing regimens
Authors: L. Qian, Y. B. Dong, L. L. Zhao, H. J. Zhao, J. W. Cui, N. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.301-307, 2019
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Two Czech patients with familial adenomatous polyposis presenting mosaicism in APC gene
Authors: M. Urbanova, K. Hirschfeldova, L. Obeidova, B. Janosikova, J. Lastuvkova, M. Lukas, J. Kotlas, J. Stekrova
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.294-300, 2019
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Local delivery of temozolomide via a biologically inert carrier (Temodex) prolongs survival in glioma patients, irrespectively of the methylation status of MGMT
Authors: I. Karlsson, D. Veevnik, A. Fedulov, N. Yurkshtovich, T. Yurkshtovich, G. Pejler, I. Lokot
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.288-293, 2019
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Cardiovagal regulation and transcutaneous pO2 in breast cancer patients – a pilot study
Authors: L. Hunakova, M. Zvarik, K. Majerova, M. Mestanik, V. Bella, I. Tonhajzerova
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.281-287, 2019
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Impact of pelvic bone marrow irradiation on the hematological toxicity of subsequent chemotherapy in rectal cancer
Authors: M. Spalek, W. Michalski, L. Wyrwicz
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.276-280, 2019
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Changes in SNAI1 and VIM gene expression in Caco2 cells after co-cultivation with bacteria from colorectal cancer biopsies
Authors: L. Wachsmannova, V. Stevurkova, S. Ciernikova
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.271-275, 2019
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GRK5 promotes tumor progression in renal cell carcinoma
Authors: T. L. Zhao, X. X. Gan, Y. Bao, W. P. Wang, B. Liu, L. H. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.261-270, 2019
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Fusion protein tTF-EG3287 induces occlusion of tumor vessels and impairs tumor growth in human colon cancer
Authors: G. Q. Qiu, X. Xie, B. Zhao, L. Z. Xu, Y. Q. Chen
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.252-260, 2019
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Expression profile of long noncoding RNAs in human papillary thyroid carcinoma
Authors: Y. Cao, C. Shi, J. Li, Y. Liang, J. Qiu, L. Yuan, Z. Yong, D. X. Zhang, G. Q. Shi
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.245-251, 2019
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Effects of trastuzumab on the proliferation and apoptosis of ovarian cancer cells
Authors: J. Cong, R. Liu, J. Hou, X. Wang, H. Jiang, J. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.240-244, 2019
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Circ-ITCH regulates triple-negative breast cancer progression through the Wnt/β-catenin pathway
Authors: S. T. Wang, L. B. Liu, X. M. Li, Y. F. Wang, P. J. Xie, Q. Li, R. Wang, Q. Wei, Y. H. Kang, R. Meng, X. H. Feng
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.232-239, 2019
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MiR-203a functions as a tumor suppressor in bladder cancer by targeting SIX4
Authors: X. Y. Na, X. S. Shang, Y. Zhao, P. P. Ren, X. Q. Hu
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.211-221, 2019
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Skullcapflavone I inhibits proliferation of human colorectal cancer cells via down-regulation of miR-107 expression
Authors: W. ZHANG, W. Li, X. HAN
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.203-210, 2019
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Downregulation of hsa_circ_0000285 serves as a prognostic biomarker for bladder cancer and is involved in cisplatin resistance
Authors: B. J. Chi, D. M. Zhao, L. Liu, X. Z. Yin, F. F. Wang, S. Bi, S. L. Gui, S. B. Zhou, W. B. Qin, D. M. Wu, S. Q. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.197-202, 2019
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EGFL7 silencing inactivates the Notch signaling pathway; enhancing cell apoptosis and suppressing cell proliferation in human cutaneous melanoma
Authors: H. Tang, W. R. Xiao, Y. Y. Liao, L. Li, X. Xiao, X. P. Xu, H. Feng
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.187-196, 2019
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MicroRNAs in gastric cancer: from bench to bedside
Authors: M. L. Hu, S. W. Xiong, S. X. Zhu, X. X. Xue, X. D. Zhou
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.176-186, 2019
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Immunoregulation effects of TIM-3 on tumors
Authors: C. C. Sheng, F. Y. Han
Neoplasma Vol.66, No.2, p.167-175, 2019
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