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MiR-378a-5p inhibits angiogenesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma by targeting KLK4
Authors: Z. Cui, Q. L. Liu, S. Q. Sun, K. Jiao, D. R. Liu, X. C. Zhou, L. Huang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.85–92, 2020
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High eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 alpha 1 expression promotes proliferation and predicts poor prognosis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Authors: Y. Bao, T. L. Zhao, Z. Q. Zhang, X. L. Liang, Z. X. Wang, Y. Xiong, X. Lu, L. H. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.78–84, 2020
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Upregulated circZMIZ1 promotes the proliferation of prostate cancer cells and is a valuable marker in plasma
Authors: H. Jiang, D. J. Lv, X. L. Song, C. Wang, Y. Z. Yu, S. C. Zhao
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.68–77, 2020
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An indel polymorphism in the 3’ untranslated region of HMGB1 confers risk for hepatocellular carcinoma by regulating HMGB1 transcriptional activity in a Chinese population
Authors: J. Wang, J. Zhu, D. H. Mao, S. Zhu, X. G. Mi, Q. Yu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.61–67, 2020
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Second-generation Src/Abl inhibitor bosutinib effectively induces apoptosis in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) cells via inhibiting Src/Abl signaling
Authors: Y. N. E. Ha, Y. Dai, D. Wufuer, M. Pidayi, G. Anasihan, L. Chen
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.54–60, 2020
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HMGA1-mediated miR-671-5p targets APC to promote metastasis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma through Wnt signaling
Authors: X. G. CHI, X. X. MENG, D. L. DING, X. H. XUAN, Y. Z. CHEN, Q. CAI, A. WANG
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.46-53, 2020
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STIL is upregulated in nasopharyngeal carcinoma tissues and promotes nasopharyngeal carcinoma proliferation, migration and invasion
Authors: Y. Ouyang, Y. B. Jin, X. P. Chen, G. Y. Zhang, S. L. Mao, F. Ling, W. Luo
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.37-45, 2020
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Preliminary evaluation of GLP-1R PET in the diagnosis and risk stratification of pheochromocytomas
Authors: M. LI, Y. LIU, Y. XU, Y. LI, D. PAN, L. WANG, J. YAN, X. WANG, R. YANG, M. YANG
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.27-36, 2020
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PCNA and GSK3β interact with each other to regulate H1299 lung adenocarcinoma cells apoptosis
Authors: X. H. Liu, D. E. Tang, Y. Dai, X. J. Gao, L. X. Liu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.15-26, 2020
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