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The knockdown of SNHG3 inhibits the progression of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma by miR-340-5p/YAP1 axis and Wnt/β-catenin pathway
Authors: R. Kang, D. F. Yao, G. Z. Xu, Y. H. Zhou
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1094–1105, 2020
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Long non-coding RNA GAS5 promotes natural killer cell cytotoxicity against gastric cancer by regulating miR-18a
Authors: M. F. Wei, Z. S. Gu, L. L. Zheng, M. X. Zhao, X. J. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1085–1093, 2020
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Death-inducer obliterator 1 (DIDO1) silencing suppresses the growth of bladder cancer cells through decreasing SAPK/JNK signaling cascades
Authors: J. Li, A. S. Wang, S. Wang, C. Y. Wang, S. Xue, W. Y. Li, T. T. Ma, Y. X. Shan
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1074–1084, 2020
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CircABCB10 silencing inhibits the cell ferroptosis and apoptosis by regulating the miR-326/CCL5 axis in rectal cancer
Authors: Z. Y. Xian, B. Hu, T. Wang, J. L. Cai, J. Y. Zeng, Q. Zou, P. X. Zhu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1063–1073, 2020
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LncRNA SNHG4 promotes neuroblastoma proliferation, migration, and invasion by sponging miR-377-3p
Authors: H. Yang, J. F. Guo, M. L. Zhang, A. M. Li
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1054–1062, 2020
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miR-34a and miR-125a-5p inhibit proliferation and metastasis but induce apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma cells via repressing the MACC1-mediated PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway
Authors: Y. M. Zhang, Q. M. Wu, L. Y. Chang, J. C. Liu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1042–1053, 2020
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Circular RNA circ_0000615 knockdown suppresses the development of nasopharyngeal cancer through regulating the miR-338-3p/FGF2 axis
Authors: H. S. Liu, R. N. Zheng, L. B. Guo, X. J. Fu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1032–1041, 2020
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miR-485-5p improves the progression of ovarian cancer by targeting SRC in vitro and in vivo
Authors: Y. Yang, J. Liu, X. Qian, Y. Li, Y. Wang, X. Xu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1022–1031, 2020
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TSN inhibits cell proliferation, migration, invasion, and EMT through regulating miR-874/HMGB2/β-catenin pathway in gastric cancer
Authors: F. Yuan, Z. T. Zhao, B. Jia, Y. P. Wang, W. Lei
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1012–1021, 2020
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Hypoxia-responsive miR-346 promotes proliferation, migration, and invasion of renal cell carcinoma cells via targeting NDRG2
Authors: Z. H. Su, H. H. Liao, K. E. Lu, Z. Chi, Z. Q. Qiu, J. M. Jiang, Z. Wu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.1002–1011, 2020
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Energy transfer from adipocytes to cancer cells in breast cancer
Authors: H. M. Kim, Y. K. Lee, E. S. Kim, J. S. Koo
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.992–1001, 2020
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Knockdown of FBP1 enhances radiosensitivity in prostate cancer cells by activating autophagy
Authors: X. R. Li, K. Q. Zhou, Z. Yin, Y. L. Gao, X. Yang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.982–991, 2020
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miR-145-5p attenuates paclitaxel resistance and suppresses the progression in drug-resistant breast cancer cell lines
Authors: X. Guan, Y. Guan
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.972–981, 2020
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Presence and prevalence of UV related genetic mutations in uveal melanoma: similarities with cutaneous melanoma
Authors: A. Y. Goh, C. A. Ramlogan-Steel, K. S. Jenkins, J. C. Steel, C. J. Layton
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.958–971, 2020
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Norepinephrine release may play a critical role in the Warburg effect: an integrative model of tumorigenesis
Authors: P. J. Fitzgerald
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.5, p.947–957, 2020
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Diagnostic relevance of 18F-FDG PET/CT in newly diagnosed patients with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS): Single-center experience
Authors: V. Sandecka, Z. Adam, M. Krejci, M. Stork, Z. Rehak, R. Koukalova, S. Sevcikova, L. Brozova, Z. Kral, J. Mayer, L. Pour
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.4, p.939–945, 2020
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The expression of CD73 on pathological B-cells is associated with shorter overall survival of patients with CLL
Authors: M. Kicova, Z Michalova, M. Coma, J. Gabzdilova, K. Dedinska, T. Guman, S. Bernatova, M. Hajikova, M. Giertlova, D. Veselinyova, M. Sarissky
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.4, p.933–938, 2020
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Effects of sarcopenia, hypoalbuminemia, and laparoscopic surgery on postoperative complications in elderly patients with colorectal cancer: A prospective study
Authors: W. S. Chen, Y. S. Huang, L. B. Xu, M. M. Shi, X. D. Chen, G. Q. Ye, T. T. Wu, G. B. Zhu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.4, p.922–932, 2020
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Study of DOK4 gene expression and promoter methylation in sporadic breast cancer
Authors: A. Heidarizadi, M. Salimi, H. Mozdarani
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.4, p.916–921, 2020
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Hypomethylation of CTCFL promoters as a noninvasive biomarker in plasma from patients with hepatocellular carcinoma
Authors: M. M. Chen, R. C. Zhao, K. F. Chen, Y. Huang, Z. J. Liu, Y. G. Wei, Y. Jian, A. M. Sun, L. Qin, B. Li, Y. Qin
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.4, p.909–915, 2020
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