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Congenital disorders of glycosylation – an umbrella term for rapidly expanding group of rare genetic metabolic disorders – importance of physical investigation
Authors: D. E. Lekka, J. Brucknerova, A. Salingova, C. Sebova, M. Ostrozlikova, J. Ziburova, M. Nemcovic, S. Sestak, J. Bellova, Z. Pakanova, B. Sivakova, M. Skoknova, V. Bzduch, J. Mucha, P. Barath, I. Brucknerova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.3, p.190–195,2021
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Periangular transmasseteric infraparotid approach in the treatment of condylar-base and low condylar‑neck fractures
Authors: D. Hirjak, M. Vavro, B. Dvoranova, B. Galis, K. Simko, L. Malicek, V. Machon, A. Neff
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.3, p.184–189,2021
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Association of multispecific red blood cell alloimmunization with HLA-Class II variants is related to Rh phenotypes
Authors: A. Maluskova, F. Mrazek, R. Kozelska, M. Koristka, Z. Cermakova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.3, p.179–183,2021
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Low serum vitamin D levels are associated with a low percentage of TREM-2+ monocytes in low-grade gliomas and poorer overall survival in patients with high-grade gliomas
Authors: K. Kluckova, J. Kozak, K. Szaboova, M. Suchankova, M. Svajdler, S. Blazickova, M. Makohusova, J. Steno, V. Matejcik, M. Bucova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.3, p.172–178,2021
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Concentration of apelin inversely correlates with atrial fibrillation burden
Authors: A. Bohm, L. Urban, L. Tothova, B. Bezak, T. Uher, P. Musil, J. Kyselovic, J. Lipton, P. Olejnik, R. Hatala
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.3, p.165–171,2021
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Association of polypharmacy and Parkinson’s disease prevalence
Authors: Y. Chen, Z. Yu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.158–160,2021
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Clinical characteristics, maternal and neonatal outcomes of pregnant women with SARS-CoV-2 infection in Turkey
Authors: M. Ozsurmeli, H. Terzi, M. Hocaoglu, R. A. Bilir, T. Gunay, D. Unsal, A. Turgut, A. Karateke
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.152–157,2021
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Platycodin D alleviates proliferation and extracellular matrix accumulation in TGF-beta1 induced pulmonary fibroblasts
Authors: H. H. Hou, C. C. Su, L. L. Hong, H. F. Huang, Y. F. Tang
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.145–151,2021
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Modulation of proliferation, apoptosis and inflammation of Caco-2 epithelial cells and THP-1 macrophage-like monocytes in LPS stimulated co-culture model
Authors: D. Biriken, N. Yazihan
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.138–144,2021
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Juglone can inhibit angiogenesis and metastasis in pancreatic cancer cells by targeting Wnt/β-catenin signaling
Authors: F. Gokturk, D. Erkoc-Kaya, H. Arikoglu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.132–137,2021
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Impact of model for end-stage liver disease (MELD) score for mortality in patients undergoing coronary bypass surgery
Authors: A. Dolapoglu, E. Avci, O. Argan, O. Safak, A. Gorcan, D. E. Akgun, S. Catalkaya, T. Kiris
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.125–131,2021
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Caffeic acid prevents hydrogen peroxide-induced oxidative damage in SH-SY5Y cell line through mitigation of oxidative stress and apoptosis
Authors: A. Ayna
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.120–124,2021
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Does mean platelet volume/lymphocyte count ratio associate with frailty in type 2 diabetes mellitus?
Authors: S. Bilgin, G. Aktas, G. Kahveci, B. M. Atak Tel, O. Kurtkulagi, T. Taslamacioglu Duman
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.116–119,2021
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Leptin ameliorates testicular injury by altering expression of nitric oxide synthases in diabetic rats
Authors: A. Kapucu, K. Akgun-Dar
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.111–115,2021
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Are clarithromycin, azithromycin and their analogues effective in the treatment of COVID19?
Authors: M. A. Gedikli, B. Tuzun, A. Aktas, K. Sayin, H. Ataseven
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.101–110,2021
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Characteristics, management, and outcome of infective endocarditis in the Czech Republic: prospective data from the ESC EORP EURO-ENDO registry
Authors: M. Pazdernik, M. Holicka, R. Pelouch, J. Precek, J. Widimsky, J. Pudich, R. Vancata, M. Siranec, A. Bohm, K. Blechova, T. Butta, M. Mikulcova, M. Mikulica, P. Wohlfahrt
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.95–100,2021
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Efficacy of cryoablation in idiopathic and non-idiopathic atrial fibrillation patients
Authors: A. Boho, B. Stancak, S. Misikova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.2, p.89–94,2021
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Apocynin ameliorates cognitive deficits in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
Authors: L. Xianchu, L. Kang, D. Beiwan, P. Huan, L. Ming
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.1, p.78–84,2021
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miR-145 suppresses epithelial-mesenchymal transition by targeting stem cells in Ewing sarcoma cells
Authors: E. Guzel Tanoglu, S. Ozturk
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.1, p.71–77,2021
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Performance of integrated pulmonary index for pulmonary embolism in dyspneic patients
Authors: I. Akbas, A. O. Kocak, B. K. Celik, T. S. Menekse, M. Demir, S. T. A. Gur, B. Kerget, Z. Cakir
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.122, No.1, p.65–70,2021
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