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CCAAT enhancer binding protein α suppresses proliferation, metastasis, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of ovarian cancer cells via suppressing the Wnt/β-catenin signaling
Authors: Li-Mei Zhang, Mo Li, Chen-Chen Tian, Tong-Tong Wang, Shu-Fang Mi
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.602–612,2021
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LncRNA TUG1 promotes Ewing's sarcoma cell proliferation, migration, and invasion via the miR-199a-3p-MSI2 signaling pathway
Authors: Hu Li, Fang Huang, Xu-Qiang Liu, Hu-Cheng Liu, Min Dai, Jin Zeng
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.590–601,2021
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Prognostic impact of GPR56 in patients with colorectal cancer
Authors: Dae-Ro Lim, Dong-Hyun Kang, Jung-Chul Kuk, Tae-Hyung Kim, Eung-Jin Shin, Tae-Sung Ahn, Hyeong-Joo Kim, Dong-Jun Jeong, Moo-Jun Baek, Nam-Kyu Kim
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.580–589,2021
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Cullin7 in tumor development: a novel potential anti-cancer target
Authors: Yumiao Li, Aiming Zang, Jiejun Fu, Youchao Jia
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.572–579,2021
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A pilot prospective study of plasma cell-free DNA whole-genome sequencing identified chromosome 7p copy number gains as a specific biomarker for early lung cancer detection
Authors: Hong-Jie Yu, Xiao-Jun Yu, Jia Tang, Xun Lu, Hai-Tao Ma
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.567–571,2021
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Paired-like homeodomain transcription factor 2 strengthens chemoresistance in colorectal cancer by activating the Wnt/β-catenin axis
Authors: Yuxian Shu, Chuan He, Yan Xiong, Jun Lan, Rongfeng Song
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.557–566,2021
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Knockdown of lncRNA SNHG4 suppresses gastric cancer cell proliferation and metastasis by targeting miR-204-5p
Authors: Xian-Bin Cheng, Tao Zhang, Hong-Jing Zhu, Ning Ma, Xiao-Dan Sun, Shou-Han Wang, Yang Jiang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.546–556,2021
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Thermal treatment decreases resistance to osimertinib in non-small cell lung cancer through the EGFR/PI3K/AKT pathway
Authors: Jian Wang, Xiean Ling, Min Zhou, Guanggui Ding, Bin Peng, Jun Wan
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.535–545,2021
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Aberrant promoter methylation of T-cadherin in sera is associated with a poor prognosis in oral squamous cell carcinoma
Authors: Qiuju Wang, Yan Chen, Yibo Chen, Jian Jiang, Xiaoyu Song, Li Zhang, Qiao He, Bo Ye, Lichun Wu, Rui Wu, Qin Lai, Dongsheng Wang, Yanzhen Zhao
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.528–534,2021
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Prognostic significance of lymphocyte patterns in multiple myeloma patients after autologous transplant
Authors: Martin Stork, Renata Bezdekova, Romana Kralova, Viera Sandecka, Zdenek Adam, Marta Krejci, Ivanna Boichuk, Zdenka Knechtova, Lucie Brozova, Sabina Sevcikova, Lucie Rihova, Ludek Pour
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.519–527,2021
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LncRNA HOTAIR regulates anoikis-resistance capacity and spheroid formation of ovarian cancer cells by recruiting EZH2 and influencing H3K27 methylation
Authors: Zhuo-Ya Dai, Shuang-Mei Jin, Hong-Qin Luo, Hong-Lian Leng, Jun-Dan Fang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.509–518,2021
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In vivo and in vitro cell based model of lung adenocarcinoma from patients with pleural effusion
Authors: Mikulas Popovic, Yiling Liu, Erika Lattova, Dean Mann, Sabrina Curreli, Zbyněk Zdráhal,, Martin Edelman, Joseph Bryant
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.498–508,2021
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High expression of SH2B adaptor protein 1 (SH2B1) indicates poor prognosis in colorectal cancer
Authors: Linxi Zhang, Xiaowen Xu, Yamin Pan, Fuao Cao
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.490–497,2021
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DNA methylation patterns of SOCS1 gene in peripheral blood identifies risk loci associated with bladder cancer based on principal component analysis
Authors: Hongjun Guan, Junhua Lu, Mengying Qu, Lili Meng, Yupeng Guo, Xiaoxia Li, Hongmei Shen
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.482–489,2021
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The mechanism of ABL1 upregulating the expression of PD-L1 and the therapeutic effect of PD-L1 and STAT3 inhibitors in lung adenocarcinoma
Authors: Dongfang Tang, Haoyao Jiang, Zhigang Li, Wen Gao, Yifeng Sun
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.472–481,2021
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HOTAIR plays an oncogenic role in gastric cancer through microRNA and SNP
Authors: Hui-Wen Xu, Yi-Ru Chen, Su-Shan Ouyang, Ping Li, Mei-Qian Wang, Sen-Lin Zhu
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.465–471,2021
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Economic aspects of multiple myeloma: real costs associated with disease in the Slovak Republic
Authors: Robert Babela, Richard Didic, Martin Smatana, Katarina Fedorova, Lubos Drgona
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.454–464, 2021
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Diagnostic ipsilateral central neck dissection may reduce undertreatment of initially low-risk papillary thyroid cancer
Authors: Robert Králik, Marianna Grigerová, Eva Takácsová, Iveta Waczulíková, Štefan Durdík
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.447–453, 2021
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Establishment and validation of prognostic nomograms to predict overall survival and cancer-specific survival for patients with osteosarcoma
Authors: Qian-Kun Yang, Qing-Yuan Lai, Yi Wang, Yang Wang, Zhong-Xiang Yao, Xiao-Jing Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.434–446, 2021
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Prognostic role of early 18-FDG PET/CT during neoadjuvant chemotherapy for resectable adenocarcinoma of the esophagus and esophagogastric junction
Authors: Tomas Harustiak, Milada Zemanova, Pavel Fenc, Alexandr Pazdro, Martin Snajdauf, Hana Faltova, Robert Lischke, Alan Stolz
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.2, p.423–433, 2021
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