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Homoharringtonine inhibits the progression of hepatocellular carcinoma by suppressing the PI3K/AKT/GSK3β/Slug signaling pathway
Authors: Hong-Yuan Liu, Tian-Xiu Dong, Zi-Zhuo Li, Tian-Tian Li, Jian Jiang, Ming-Wei Zhu, Ting-Ting An, Yao-Dong Chen, Xiu-Hua Yang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.5, p.924–937, 2021
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PPM1H is an independent prognostic biomarker of non-small cell lung cancer
Authors: Wen-Qi Zhang, Jian-Nan Gao, Xiang-Lei Chen, Xi-Feng Yang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.5, p.917–923, 2021
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The role of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) family in tumor
Authors: Su-Qin Yi, Jia-Xing An, Cheng-Cheng Liao, Sha Lei, Hai Jin, Bi-Guang Tuo
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.5, p.907–916, 2021
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The role of the primary cilium in cancer
Authors: Hong-Tai Cao, Miao-Miao Liu, Quan-Nian Shao, Zuo-Yi Jiao
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.5, p.899–906, 2021
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Survival of cancer patients in Fujian, Southeast China: a population-based cancer registry study
Authors: Yan Zhou, Zhi-Sheng Xiang, Jing-Yu Ma, Yong-Tian Lin, Yan-Ping Chen, Hui-Juan Jiang, Lin-Rong Wu, Chuan-Ben Chen
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.892–898, 2021
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Morbidity and mortality after open radical cystectomy and ileal diversion - 10 years experience and a comprehensive assessment in a single tertiary center
Authors: Joana Do Carmo Silva, Marek Babjuk, Štěpán Veselý, Pavel Dušek, Ladislav Jarolím, Antonín Brisuda
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.882–891, 2021
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18F-FDG PET/CT metabolic parameters and HER2 expression in colorectal cancer
Authors: Ziyi Yang, Shuai Liu, Yuyun Sun, Junyan Xu, Jinjin Jiang, Xiaoxi Ma, Yingjian Zhang, Shaoli Song
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.875–881, 2021
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Sonic Hedgehog is a novel prognostic biomarker in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma
Authors: Piotr Cierpikowski, Anna Lis-Nawara, Julia Bar
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.867–874, 2021
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Metabolomic profiling of blood plasma of patients with lung cancer and malignant tumors with metastasis in the lungs showed similar features and promising statistical discrimination against controls
Authors: Miroslava Sarlinova, Eva Baranovicova, Michaela Skalicanova, Anton Dzian, Martin Petras, Jan Lehotsky, Dagmar Kalenska, Peter Racay, Tatiana Matakova, Erika Halasova
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.852–860, 2021
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The clinical and prognostic significance of LGR5 in GC: A meta-analysis of IHC assay and bioinformatics analysis
Authors: Fei Guo, Tao Yang, Rende Guo, Yu Wang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.842–851, 2021
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The combination of PRL-3 inhibitor with sorafenib synergistically promotes AML apoptosis
Authors: Xiaomin Chen, Dade Rong, Wanhua Cai, Xiuzhen Tong, Haihe Wang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.832–841, 2021
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Heterogeneity and prognosis of programmed cell death-ligand 1 expression in the circulating tumor cells of non-small cell lung cancer
Authors: He-Lin Wang, Jie-Qing Wu, Ying Wang, Jian Yu, Xiao-Na Mao, Zhuo-Ran Li, Hong-Rui Niu, Cai-Ling Jin, Xiao-Jue Wang, Zhuo-Hong Yan, Ling Yi, Bin Yang, Pan-Jian Wei, Hong-Tao Zhang, Shu-Cai Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.823–831, 2021
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Knockdown of USP9X reverses cisplatin resistance by decreasing β-catenin expression in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
Authors: Wen-Xuan Lu, Guo-Sheng Gan, Bo Yang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.810–822, 2021
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Depletion of circRNA circ_CDK14 inhibits osteosarcoma progression by regulating the miR-520a-3p/GAB1 axis
Authors: Peng-Fei Wu, Xiao-Ming Tang, Hai-Lang Sun, Hai-Tao Jiang, Jian Ma, Ying-Hui Kong
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.798–809, 2021
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LncRNA ANRIL promotes multiple myeloma progression and bortezomib resistance by EZH2-mediated epigenetically silencing of PTEN
Authors: Li-Hui Yang, Peng Du, Wei Liu, Li-Kun An, Jian Li, Wen-Yi Zhu, Shuo Yuan, Lei Wang, Lei Zang
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.788–797, 2021
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Circ-sirt1 inhibits growth and invasion of gastric cancer by sponging miR-132-3p/miR-212-3p and upregulating sirt1 expression
Authors: Qing-Ke Li, Yan-Kun Liu, Jing-Wu Li, Yuan-Ting Liu, Yu-Feng Li, Bing-Hui Li
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.780–787, 2021
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The role of angiotensin-(1-7) on acquired platinum resistance-induced angiogenesis in non-small cell lung cancer in vitro and in vivo
Authors: Yan-Lai Geng, Yong-Jie Ding, Lei Ni, Kan-Di Xu, Van-Minh Le, Ri Ji, Yun Feng
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.770–779, 2021
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CD150 and CD180 are negative regulators of IL-10 expression and secretion in chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells
Authors: Valeriia Shcherbina, Inna Gordiienko, Larysa Shlapatska, Danilo Gluzman, Svitlana Sidorenko
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.760–769, 2021
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TRIM44 facilitates ovarian cancer proliferation, migration, and invasion by inhibiting FRK
Authors: Xiu-Zhang Yu, Jia-Ling Yuan, Hui Ye, Ke Yi, Ming-Rong Qie, Min-Min Hou
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.751–759, 2021
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