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Assessment of the expression and response of PD-1, LAG-3, and TIM-3 after neoadjuvant radiotherapy in rectal cancer
Authors: Qing-Qin Peng, Jin-Luan Li, Pei-Ling Xin, Kai-Xin Du, Xiao-Yi Lin, Jun-Xin Wu, Mu-Tian Zhang, Xiang-Quan Kong
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.742–750, 2021
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A novel antitumor peptide inhibits proliferation and migration and promotes apoptosis in glioma cells by regulating the MKK6/p38 signaling pathway
Authors: Rong Wang, Bo-Wen Li, Nai-Yuan Shao, Dan-Ni Deng, Feng Zhi
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.732–741, 2021
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microRNA-204 shuttled by mesenchymal stem cell-derived exosomes inhibits the migration and invasion of non-small-cell lung cancer cells via the KLF7/AKT/HIF-1α axis
Authors: Xiao-Ni Liu, Chui-Bin Zhang, Hai Lin, Xiao-Yuan Tang, Rong Zhou, Hui-Lan Wen, Jie Li
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.719–731, 2021
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LAMC1 is related to the poor prognosis of patients with gastric cancer and facilitates cancer cell malignancies
Authors: Zhi-Rong Han, Xiao-Lin Jiang, Wen-Chuan Fan
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.711–718, 2021
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SPOCK1 promotes the proliferation and migration of colon cancer cells by regulating the NF-κB pathway and inducing EMT
Authors: Han-Xiong Liu, Yuan-Yuan Cao, Jia-Yao Qu
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.702–710, 2021
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LncRNA RNCR2 facilitates cell proliferation and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in melanoma through the HK2-mediated Warburg effect via targeting miR-495-3p
Authors: Bao-Xue Duan, Xue-Rui Geng, Yao-Qun Wu
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.692–701, 2021
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DNase1L3 suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma growth via inhibiting complement autocrine effect
Authors: Qing-Yun Chen, Lei Li, Da-Qin Suo
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.683–691, 2021
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Research status and the prospect of POSTN in various tumors
Authors: Yue Yu, Chang-Ming Tan, Yuan-Yuan Jia
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.4, p.673–682, 2021
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The POLR2E rs3787016 polymorphism is associated with susceptibility to and prognosis of gastric cancer
Authors: Ya-Kun Zhang, Li-Ling Wu, Ting-Ting Li, Di-Yong Cao, Qian Zheng, Lu Liu
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.665–671,2021
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The results of multigene panel sequencing in Slovak HBOC families
Authors: Michal Konecny, Klaudia Kosova, Petra Tilandyova, Lenka Wachsmannova, Marian Baldovic, Juraj Krajcovic, Andrea Patlevicova, Jan Markus, Sona Ciernikova
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.652–664,2021
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Outcomes of icotinib combined with concurrent chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer
Authors: Yan-Mei Liu, Hui Liu, Hua-Li Sun, Yuan-Yuan Xu, Yan Ding, Wei-Jun Chen, Shen-Peng Ying
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.645–651,2021
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Cytidine deaminase 435C>T polymorphism relates to gemcitabine-platinum efficacy and hematological toxicity in Chinese non-small-cell lung cancer patients
Authors: Lili Hu, Xintong Mao, Chao Gao, Yinhai Xu, Chenglin Li, Tao Wang, Dongmei Lv
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.638–644,2021
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Tumor regression grading after preoperative hyperfractionated radiotherapy/chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced rectal cancers: interim analysis of phase III clinical study
Authors: Adam Idasiak, Katarzyna Galwas-Kliber, Marcin Rajczykowski, Iwona Dębosz-Suwińska, Marcin Zeman, Ewa Stobiecka, Jolanta Mrochem-Kwarciak, Rafał Suwiński
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.631–637,2021
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Real-world effectiveness and safety of daratumumab, bortezomib and dexamethasone in relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma in Slovakia
Authors: Ľubica Harvanová, Viera Štulajterová, Tomáš Guman, Miriam Ladická, Monika Hlebašková, Juraj Chudej, Miroslav Šimek, Natália Štecová, Emília Flochová, Ján Kubala, Iveta Simančíková, Ľuboš Drgoňa, Andrej Vranovský, Alexander Wild, Martin Mistrík, Angelika Bátorová
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.626–630,2021
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The role of subtotal and total gastrectomy in the treatment of gastric cancer
Authors: Július Palaj, Štefan Kečkéš, Iveta Waczulíková, Vítězslav Marek, Daniel Dyttert, Martin Sabol, Štefan Durdík
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.621–625,2021
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Stage I testicular seminoma risk-adapted therapeutic management
Authors: Bela Mrinakova, Karol Kajo, Viera Lehotska, Martina Ondrusova, Sona Balogova, Zuzana Pinakova, Vera Novotna, Vanda Usakova, Lucia Fedorkova, Iveta Waczulikova, Juraj Kausitz, Dalibor Ondrus
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.613–620,2021
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CCAAT enhancer binding protein α suppresses proliferation, metastasis, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition of ovarian cancer cells via suppressing the Wnt/β-catenin signaling
Authors: Li-Mei Zhang, Mo Li, Chen-Chen Tian, Tong-Tong Wang, Shu-Fang Mi
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.602–612,2021
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LncRNA TUG1 promotes Ewing's sarcoma cell proliferation, migration, and invasion via the miR-199a-3p-MSI2 signaling pathway
Authors: Hu Li, Fang Huang, Xu-Qiang Liu, Hu-Cheng Liu, Min Dai, Jin Zeng
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.590–601,2021
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Prognostic impact of GPR56 in patients with colorectal cancer
Authors: Dae-Ro Lim, Dong-Hyun Kang, Jung-Chul Kuk, Tae-Hyung Kim, Eung-Jin Shin, Tae-Sung Ahn, Hyeong-Joo Kim, Dong-Jun Jeong, Moo-Jun Baek, Nam-Kyu Kim
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.580–589,2021
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Cullin7 in tumor development: a novel potential anti-cancer target
Authors: Yumiao Li, Aiming Zang, Jiejun Fu, Youchao Jia
Neoplasma Vol.68, No.3, p.572–579,2021
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