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Critical care for lung cancer patients: surgical treatment during COVID-19 pandemic
Authors: A. Gokce, M. Hatipoglu, S. A. Akboga, A. I. Sezen, Y. Akkas, B. Kocer
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.2, p.125–128, 2022
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COVID-19 outcomes in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome: a retrospective cohort study
Authors: A. Erden, O. Karakas, B. Armagan, S. C. Guven, B. Ozdemir, E. Atalar, H. Apaydin, E. Usul, I. Ates , A. Omma, O. Kucuksahin
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.2, p.120–124, 2022
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Drynaria quercifolia suppresses paracetamol‑induced hepatotoxicity in mice by inducing Nrf-2
Authors: S. Chatterjee, S. Bhattacharya, P. R. Choudhury, A. Rahaman, A. Sarkar, A. D. Talukdar, D. P. Mandal, S. Bhattacharjee
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.2, p.110–119, 2022
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Radiotherapy and high bilirubin may be metformin like effect on lung cancer via possible AMPK pathway modulation
Authors: O. Atasoy, N. Cini, M. A. Erdogan, G. Yaprak, O. Erbas
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.2, p.100–109, 2022
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An assessment of the relation between vitamin D levels and electroencephalogram (EEG) changes in migraine patients
Authors: M. Canpolat, A. Topcu, F. Kardas, F. Ipekten, H. Per, H. Gumus, A. Ozturk, H. Acer, G. D. Kaya Ozcora, M. Kendirci, S. Kumandas
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.2, p.92–99, 2022
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Immediate dentin sealing: effect of sandblasting on the layer thickness
Authors: T. Kovalsky, I. Voborna, T. Ingr, Y. Morozova, E. Misova, M. Hepova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.2, p.87–91, 2022
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Monitoring EBV infection, MSI, PDL-1 expression, Her-2/neu amplification as a biomarker for PD-1 inhibition in gastric cancer
Authors: L. Stanek, R. Gurlich, Z. Musil, L. Havluj, A. Whitley
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.2, p.83–86, 2022
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Risk stratification of neurological decompression sickness in divers
Authors: M. Sramek, J. Honek, A. Tomek, T. Ruzickova, T. Honek, L. Sefc
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.2, p.77–82, 2022
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A brief view to the life of grave in patients died from COVID-19
Authors: H. Caksen
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 72, 2022
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Bronchoscopy in the Czech Republic in the past 45 years and the state in 2020
Authors: M. Marel, J. Votruba
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 66–71, 2022
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Starting the first robotic lobectomy program in the Eastern Europe during Coronavirus disease-2019 pandemic
Authors: A. Stolz, J. Kolarik, J. Vachtenheim, M. Svorcova, J. Pozniak, J. Simonek, R. Lischke
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 61–65, 2022
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Restless legs syndrome in Parkinson’s disease: relationship with quality of life and medication
Authors: M. Minar, Z. Kosutzka, K. Danterova, K. Gmitterova, I. Straka, A. Kusnirova, R. Tosecka, R. Juricek, M. Kloc, K. A. Wyman-Chick, P. Valkovic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 55–60, 2022
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Interventional management of recurrent malignant pleural effusion: state of the art in 2021
Authors: Z. Hajnikova, P. Michalek, J. Votruba, R. Zahorec
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 50–54, 2022
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Depression and anxiety among College Students in Slovakia – Comparison of the Year 2018 and during COVID-19 pandemic
Authors: M. Hajduk, D. Dancik, J. Januska, A. Strakova, M. Turcek, A. Heretik, J. Pecenak
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 44–49, 2022
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Effect of immunosuppressive therapy in inflammatory cardiomyopathy: data from The Czech Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy Immunosuppressive Trial
Authors: H. Poloczkova, J. Krejci, P. Hude, E. Ozabalova, J. Godava, T. Honek, V. Zampachova, I. Svobodova, T. Freiberger, L. Spinarova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 37–43, 2022
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Characteristics of COPD patients treated with single‑inhaler triple therapy in real-life clinical practice
Authors: S. Lassan, J. Keszegh, M. Lassanova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 27–36, 2022
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Proapoptotic and antiapoptotic stimuli alternation in myocardial infarction experimental model
Authors: T. Barczi, P. Brody, M. Klein, I. Varga, L. Bies Pivackova, P. Krenek, P. Janega, P. Babal
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 22–26, 2022
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Technical and practical aspects of artificial intelligence in cardiology
Authors: A. Bohm, N. Jajcay
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 16–21, 2022
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Platelet mitochondrial function and endogenous coenzyme Q10 levels are reduced in patients after COVID-19
Authors: Z. Sumbalova, J. Kucharska, P. Palacka, Z. Rausova, P. H. Langsjoen, A. M. Langsjoen, A. Gvozdjakova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 9–15, 2022
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Hemispheric infiltrative grade II gliomas in adults: association of residual tumour volume and extent of tumour resection with malignant transformation
Authors: A. Kiss, D. Toma, B. Hrebenarova, P. Ondrusova, M. Jezberova, M. Fabian, V. Belan, M. Novotny, J. Steno, P. Povinec, P. Kalina, B. Rychly, M. Chorvath, I. Waczulikova, P. Celec, A. Steno
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.123, No.1, p 3–8, 2022
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