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Role of annexin A family in tumorigenesis and chemoresistance of gastric cancer
Authors: Rong-Rong Zhao, Xiao-Rong Mao, Xiao-Feng Wang, Ya Zheng, Yu-Ping Wang, Yong-Ning Zhou
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.2, p.251–263, 2022
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Increased number and function of endothelial progenitor cells in breast cancer patients and the linear correlation with VEGF level
Authors: Zhen-Hua Huang, Zhao-Xia Tang, Rui-Bin Cai, Feng Ye, Min-Qing Wu, Dan Zhang, Zhi-Hao Liu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.242–250, 2022
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Prediction model based on 18F-FDG PET/CT radiomic features and clinical factors of EGFR mutations in lung adenocarcinoma
Authors: Hong-Yue Zhao, Ye-Xin Su, Lin-Han Zhang, Peng Fu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.233–241, 2022
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Aesculus hippocastanum L. extract differently modulates normal human dermal fibroblasts and cancer-associated fibroblasts from basal/squamous cell carcinoma
Authors: Nikola Melegová, Matúš Čoma, Lukáš Urban, Miriam Kaňuchová, Pavol Szabo, Karel Smetana Jr., Pavel Mučaji, Peter Gál
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.224–232, 2022
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Long-term observation of gastric patients with positive immunocytochemistry of peritoneal washing
Authors: Katarzyna Marcisz-Grzanka, Paulina Wieszczy, Malgorzata Malinowska, Lucjan Stanislaw Wyrwicz, Tomasz Olesinski
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.216–223, 2022
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Development and extensive analytical validation of deep amplicon sequencing for detecting KRAS and NRAS mutations in metastatic colorectal cancer samples
Authors: Rastislav Slavkovský, Jana Stránská, Veronika Věnsková, Sylwia Jančik, Lucie Kotková, Jarmila Šimová, Petr Vojta, Patrik Flodr, Marie Bartoušková, Hana Študentová, Marián Hajdúch, Jiří Drábek
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.203–215, 2022
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Girdin influences pancreatic cancer progression by regulating c-MYC expression
Authors: Na Shan, Le-Yi Ni, Yue-Sheng Zhu, Yao Shen, Ze-Jun Gao, Zhen-Zhai Cai
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.193–202, 2022
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High GNG13 expression is associated with poor survival in epithelial ovarian cancer and breast cancer
Authors: Yuanlin Liu, Shuting Gu, Tong Wu, Yunzhao Xu, Qi Meng, Zongyu Guan, Xiaojing Zhang, Xiaoli Sun, Yi Shen, Haowen Fan, Changjiang Gu, Jinlian Feng
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.183–192, 2022
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ISOC1 is a novel potential tumor suppressor in hepatocellular carcinoma
Authors: Jiao Xiang, Xiao-Qiang Gao, Xiang-Ling Chen, Yin-Ying Lu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.174–182, 2022
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Establishment of PANDA - a new human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma cell line with 3D cell culture technology
Authors: Romana Zahumenska, Michal Kalman, Juraj Marcinek, Sandra Mersakova, Martin Kertys, Miroslav Pindura, Blazej Palkoci, Roman Kycina, Martin Vojtko, Tomas Chromec, Hugo Maurice Dumortier, Slavomira Novakova, Barbora Mitruskova, Ivan Kapralik, Dusan Loderer, Marian Grendar, Dusan Brany, Juraj Mokry, Michael Bouvet, Mark A Valasek, Jan Janik, Lukas Plank, Ludovit Laca, Erika Halasova, Jan Strnadel
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.165–173, 2022
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HABP1 promotes proliferation and invasion of lung adenocarcinoma cells through NFκB pathway
Authors: Yue-Jun Sun, Guan-Hui Shi, Wei-Wei Zhao, Shi-Ying Zheng
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.155–164, 2022
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Blocking stanniocalcin 2 reduces sunitinib resistance in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Authors: Zhen-Qian Qin, Kong-Dong Li, He-Zhen Chu, Xue-Feng Yuan, Hai-Feng Shi, Jie Gu, Yi-Min Xie
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.145–154, 2022
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LINC00536 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma progression via the miR-203b-5p/VEGFA axis
Authors: Li-Gang Wang, Hai-Yang Song, Kun-Peng Zhang, Li-Ming Liu, Yu-Tian Jiang, Sheng Liu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.136–144, 2022
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Matrine exerted an anti-tumor effect on acute myeloid leukemia via the lncRNA LINC01116/miR-592-mediated JAK/STAT pathway inactivation
Authors: Ping-Ping Zhang, Feng Zhang, Kai Zhu, Jun-Feng Zhu, Yuan Yuan, Yan-Li Yang, Lin Liu, Meng Wang, Jia-Jia Li
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.123–135, 2022
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LDLR promotes growth and invasion in renal cell carcinoma and activates the EGFR pathway
Authors: Gui-Ming Zhang, Wei Chen, Yu Yao, Lei Luo, Li-Jiang Sun
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.113–122, 2022
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High level of TXNDC9 predicts poor prognosis and contributes to the NF-κB-regulated metastatic potential in gastric cancer
Authors: Qun-Cao Yang, Nan Hao, Rui-Hua Li, Yuan-Yuan Duan, Yong Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.103–112, 2022
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Identification of driver genes and target drugs-related genes in liver cancer based on targeted next generation sequencing
Authors: Yunlong Cui, Liwei Sun, Hailong Wang, Zhenzhen Zhang, Hongxia Dai, Pengfei Liu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.95–102, 2022
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Inhibition of glioblastoma progression by Urolithin A in vitro and in vivo by regulating Sirt1-FOXO1 axis via ERK/AKT signaling pathways
Authors: Cui-Lan Liu, Di Zhao, Jian-Jun Li, Song Liu, Jia-Jia An, Dan Wang, Feng-Ai Hu, Chang-Yun Qiu, Ming-Hu Cui
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.80–94, 2022
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FTO demethylates YAP mRNA promoting oral squamous cell carcinoma tumorigenesis
Authors: Dian-Qi Li, Ci-Cheng Huang, Guang Zhang, Lei-Lei Zhou
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.71–79, 2022
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Emerin knockdown induces the migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma cells by up-regulating the cytoplasmic p21
Authors: Ke-Yan Wu, Hua Xie, Zhi-Lin Zhang, Zi-Xian Li, Lin Shi, Wei Zhou, Jing Zeng, Zhen Tian, Yu Zhang, Yan-Bing Ding, Wei-Gan Shen
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.1, p.59–70, 2022
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