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Optimization of endometrial cancer organoids establishment by cancer-associated fibroblasts
Authors: Yu-Liang Wu, Jia-Qing Li, Zubaidan Sulaiman, Qi Liu, Chun-Yan Wang, Shu-Peng Liu, Zheng-Liang Gao, Zhong-Ping Cheng
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.877–885, 2022
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Cystathionine β-synthase expression correlates with tumor development and poor prognosis in lung squamous cell carcinoma patients
Authors: Ya-Qing Han, Zi-Bo Zhang, Kun Wang, Guang-Jie Liu, Shao-Nan Xie, Qing-Yi Liu, Fang Liu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.868–876, 2022
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TM4SF1 promotes glioma malignancy through multiple mechanisms
Authors: Yan-Wen Zheng, Man Wang, Zhao-Min Zhong, Guo-Qing Wu, Ting Zhang, Li-Li Chen, Ming Li
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.859–867, 2022
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The ETS1-LINC00278 negative feedback loop plays a role in COL4A1/COL4A2 regulation in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma
Authors: Chuan Yang, Huan Cao, Jian-Wang Yang, Jian-Tao Wang, Miao-Miao Yu, Bao-Shan Wang
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.841–858, 2022
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LIMD2 promotes tumor proliferation, invasion, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Authors: Qi-Yu Zhong, Ying-Wei Xie, Zhi-Liang Chen, Yu-Qing Chen, Yue-Xin Liu, Wen-Lian Xie, Wei Yan
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.832–840, 2022
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The oncogenic miR-27a/BTG2 axis promotes obesity-associated hepatocellular carcinoma by mediating mitochondrial dysfunction
Authors: Qi Su, Zi-Xin Xu, Min-Li Xiong, Hui-Yi Li, Ming-Yi Xu, Sheng-Zheng Luo
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.820–831, 2022
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Anlotinib suppresses proliferation, migration, and immune escape of gastric cancer cells by activating the cGAS-STING/IFN-β pathway
Authors: Min Yuan, Xian-Ling Guo, Jian-Hua Chen, Yang He, Zhu-Qing Liu, He-Ping Zhang, Jie Ren, Qing Xu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.807–819, 2022
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Methylation-mediated expression of SPARC is correlated with tumor progression and poor prognosis of breast cancer
Authors: Xiao-Long Li, Jia-Li Li, Dong-Jie Qiu, Li Ma
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.794–806, 2022
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Alleviation of neoadjuvant immunochemotherapy for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and its relationship with expression and changes of PD-L1
Authors: Ye-Han Zhou, Jia-Yu Li, Jia-Xin Yan, Peng Guo, Wen-Wu He, Yang Liu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.785–793, 2022
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Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 4A1 promotes colorectal cancer progression and is regulated by miR-1224-5p
Authors: Yan Jiang, Xizhen Zhou, Yingying Li, Xiaojie Gao
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.776–784, 2022
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miR-520d-3p/MIG-7 axis regulates vasculogenic mimicry formation and metastasis in osteosarcoma
Authors: Nan Yao, Jing Zhou, Jie Song, Yantao Jiang, Jian Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.764–775, 2022
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Endothelial lipase promotes acute myeloid leukemia progression through metabolic reprogramming
Authors: Si-Qi Shang, Ying Yang, Xue-Jiao Yang, Xiao-Dong Shi, Yun-Shuo Chen, Yue-Ying Wang
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.755–763, 2022
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Non-metabolic functions of Pyruvate kinase M2: PKM2 in tumorigenesis and therapy resistance
Authors: Mustafa İlhan
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.4, p.747–754, 2022
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The diagnostic contribution of magnetic resonance imaging in the detection of axillary metastasis after neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Authors: Yakup İriağaç, Kubilay Karaboyun, Eyyüp Çavdar, Okan Avci, Tuğba İlkem Kurtoğlu Özçağlayan, Meltem Öznur, Sibel Ozkan Gurdal, Erdoğan Selçuk Şeber
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.3, p.741–746, 2022
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New insights into the diagnostic characteristics and clinical application of serum biomarkers for lung cancer, and human epididymis protein 4 as a new biomarker?
Authors: Ming Li, Yi Zhang, Li Jiang, Yan Li, Gang Li, Jianping Zhou, Chen Yang, Xinhui Li, Wei Qu, Yong Chen, Qing Chen, Shukui Wang, Jinliang Xing, Huayi Huang
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.3, p.729–740, 2022
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Does postpneumonectomy empyema improve long-term survival for patients with lung cancer?
Authors: Janusz Zenon Wójcik, Krzysztof Safranow, Jarosław Pieróg, Norbert Janusz Wójcik, Małgorzata Edyta Wojtyś, Tomasz Grodzki
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.3, p.723–728, 2022
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Development of a model for predicting risk from breast interval cancer in the female population in the Republic of Croatia
Authors: Romana Tandara Haček, Nataša Antoljak, Marijan Erceg
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.3, p.708–722, 2022
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Does the primary tumor site in stage I extranodal natural killer/T-cell lymphoma matter?
Authors: Juan-Juan Cui, Jing Cai, Qi-Wei Zhu, Yuan-Qi Bei, Bai-Xia Yang, Xue-Jun Ma
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.3, p.700–707, 2022
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The predictive value and correlation of β-catenin, CMTM6, and PD-L1 expression in colorectal cancer
Authors: Bingquan Li, Shigang Wu, Zhanlong Qiu, Xuejun Zhong, Zhe Chen, Feng Luo, Jinbang Li, Kunping Liu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.3, p.691–699, 2022
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Epigenetic network of EZH2/SFRP1/Wnt in the epithelial-mesenchymal transition of laryngeal carcinoma cells
Authors: Wei Chen, Hua-Tao Wang, Jun-Feng Ji, Zhi-Yi Wang, Tao Shi, Ming-Hai Wu, Peng-Ju Yu
Neoplasma Vol.69, No.3, p.680–690, 2022
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