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A gene expression signature that correlates with CD8+T cell expansion in acute Epstein-Barr virus infection
Authors: Yijing Chen, Hanqing Wang, Xia Liu, Bing Luo
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.3, p. 216 – 227, 2022
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A novel RNA virus, Thesium chinense closterovirus 1, identified by high-throughput RNA-sequencing of the parasitic plant Thesium chinense
Authors: Chaerim Shin, Dongjin Choi, Ken Shirasu, Yasunori Ichihashi, Yoonsoo Hahn
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.3, p. 206 – 215, 2022
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Evaluation of Quil-A, E. coli DNA and Montanide™ ISA 206 adjuvant combination on the antibody response to foot-and-mouth disease vaccine in sheep
Authors: Can Çokçalişkan, Tunçer Türkoğlu, Beyhan Sareyyüpoğlu, Pelin Tuncer-Göktuna, Banu Bayri Özbilge, Ergün Uzunlu, Ayça Kürkçü, Eylem Aras Uzun, Veli Gülyaz
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.3, p. 197 – 205, 2022
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Common weeds as alternate hosts of Mexican variant of Papaya meleira virus in papaya orchards in México
Authors: Isabel García-Cámara, Daisy Pérez-Brito, Raúl Tapia-Tussell, Anuar Magaña-Álvarez, Alberto Cortés-Velázquez, Rodolfo Martín-Mex, Oscar Alberto Moreno-Valenzuela
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 192 – 194, 2022
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Rapid detection of sweepoviruses through lateral flow dipstick-based recombinase polymerase amplification
Authors: He Wang, Xiukun Yang, Decai Tuo, Yonghua Liu, Peng Zhou, Wentao Shen, Guopeng Zhu
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 186 – 191, 2022
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Dwarf polish wheat hosts a novel closterovirus: Revelation by transcriptome data-mining
Authors: Venkidusamy Kavi Sidharthan, Virendra Kumar Baranwal
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 182 – 185, 2022
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Natural infection of cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana) by the potyvirus Tamarillo leaf malformation virus (TaLMV)
Authors: Erika Corrales-Cabra, Andrea Restrepo Escobar, Mónica Higuita Valencia, Yuliana Gallo García, Mauricio Marín Montoya, Pablo Gutiérrez Sánchez
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 174 – 181, 2022
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Curcumin inhibits the replication of rotavirus in vitro
Authors: Mina Hassanpour, Abbas Tazarghi, Ali Teimoori, Alijan Tabaraei, Vahid Erfani-Moghadam, Ahad Yamchi, Sedigheh Akhondi, Hadi Razavi Nikoo
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 166 – 173, 2022
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Identification of dicistro-like viruses in the transcriptome data of Striga asiatica and other plants
Authors: Chaerim Shin, Dongjin Choi, Ken Shirasu, Yoonsoo Hahn
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 157 – 165, 2022
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Artemisia capillaris nucleorhabdovirus 1, a novel member of the genus Alphanucleorhabdovirus, identified in the Artemisia capillaris transcriptome
Authors: Dongjin Choi, Chaerim Shin, Ken Shirasu, Yasunori Ichihashi, Yoonsoo Hahn
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 149 – 156, 2022
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Site-directed mutagenesis of the C-terminal of the Newcastle disease virus V protein
Authors: May Ling Tham, Khatijah Yusoff, Siti Sarah Othman, Suet Lin Chia
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 139 – 148, 2022
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Evaluation of the effects of 1,25VitD3 on Th17 cells and Tregs in HTLV-1 infected cell lines
Authors: Qing Huang, Zhijie Ling, Huabin Wang, Xiaoming Zhong, Kaiyuan Luo
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 127 – 138, 2022
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Selective human cells in vitro transduction with porcine endogenous retrovirus (PERV)
Authors: Sabina Gałka, Ewa Nowak, Ilona Bednarek
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 110 – 126, 2022
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Apoptosis mechanisms induced by parvovirus infections
Authors: Ruth Afumba, Jun-Ting Liu, Hao Dong
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.2, p. 101 – 109, 2022
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Suitability of different plant species for experimental agroinfection with Plum pox virus-based expression vector for potential production of edible vaccines
Authors: Adam Achs, Miroslav Glasa, Peter Alaxin, Zdeno W. Šubr
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.1, p. 95 – 97, 2022
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A novel approach for estimation of anti-FMDV protective immunity generated in multiple vaccinated field animals
Authors: Beenu Jain, Anuj Tewari, Minakshi Prasad, Surender Kumar Kadian
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.1, p. 90 – 94, 2022
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Genetic diversity analysis of grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus from grapevine by colony PCR-SSCP and -RFLP
Authors: Guo-Jun Hu, Hong-Juan Zhu, Zun-Ping Zhang, Xu-Dong Fan, Fang Ren, Ya-Feng Dong
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.1, p. 85 – 89, 2022
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Acetylation of late expression factor 4 is crucial for the transcription and proliferation of Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus
Authors: Jonas Ngowo, Xu Gao, Yajie Zhu, Fuxiang Mao, Jihai Lei, Enoch Obeng, Wei Yu
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.1, p. 77 – 84, 2022
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nH115a, a novel inhibitor of the La protein: Effect on expression of multiple RNAs in hepatitis B virus-infected hepatoma cells and embryotoxicity profile
Authors: Jiaqian Pan, Jing Tang
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.1, p. 65 – 76, 2022
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RPS3-induced antiviral cytokines inhibit the proliferation of classical swine fever virus
Authors: Di Zhao, Liang Zhang, Mengzhao Song, Yanming Zhang Mail
Acta Virologica Vol.66, No.1, p. 55 – 64, 2022
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