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A CFSE-based assay of proliferative response of lymphocytes to stimulation with dengue viruses
Authors: L. Gil, R. Alonso, C. Lopez, A. Blanco, Y. Romero, G. Guillen, L. Hermida
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.3, p.147-152, 2009
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A new potyvirus identified in Czech Republic
Authors: T. Sarkisova, K. Petrzik
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.143, 2009
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Construction and packaging of Semliki forest virus replicon particles efficiently expressing Influenza A virus (H5N1) hemagglutinin
Authors: S. G. Yang, J. E. Wo, M. W. Li, C. B. Yu, G. L. Lv, H. C. Cao, H. F. Lu, B. H. Wang, H. P. Zhu, L. J. Li
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.139-141, 2009
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Amantadine-resistant influenza A (H3N2) viruses in Iran
Authors: J. Yavarian, T. Mokhtari_Azad, N. Z. Shafiei_Jandaghi, R. Nategh
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.135-138, 2009
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Identification of a Bovine viral diarrhea virus 2 isolated from cattle in China
Authors: L. Q. Zhu, M. Ren, Y. Q. Lin, X. Y. Ding, G. P. Zhang, X. Zhao, G. Q. Zhu
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.131-134, 2009
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Genotyping of hantaviruses occurring in Linyi, China, by nested RT-PCR combined with single-strand conformation polymorphism analysis
Authors: J. Li, Y. X. Liu, Z. T. Zhao
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.121-124, 2009
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Analysis of putative recombination hot sites in the S gene of canine coronaviruses
Authors: Y. Y. Wang, C. P. Lu
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.111-120, 2009
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Expression of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) M protein from a recombinant plasmid prolongs the survival of NDV-infected chicken embryos and enhances the virus replication
Authors: L. Wang, X. Suo, F. Y. Chen, S. J. Zheng
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.105-110, 2009
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Use of Tomato leaf curl virus (TYLCV) truncated Rep gene sequence to engineer TYLCV resistance in tomato plants
Authors: H. Ben_Tamarzizt, S. Gharsallah_Chouchane, R. Lengliz, D. P. Maxwell, M. Marrakchi, H. Fakhfakh, F. Gorsane
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.99-104, 2009
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Molecular variability of five Cucumber mosaic virus isolates from China
Authors: Y. Y. Liu, S. L. Yu, Y. F. Lan, C. L. Zhang, S. S. Hou, X. D. Li, X. Z. Chen, X. P. Zhu
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.89-97, 2009
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Sindbis virus replicon-based DNA vaccine encoding Rabies virus glycoprotein elicits specific humoral and cellular immune response in dogs
Authors: P. K. Gupta, S. S. Dahiya, P. Kumar, A. Rai, C. L. Patel, A. A. Sonwane, M. Saini
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.83-88, 2009
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Hepatitis B virus infection in non-human primates
Authors: P. Sa-nguanmoo, P. Rianthavorn, S. Amornsawadwattana, Y. Poovorawan
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.2, p.73-82, 2009
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Partial molecular characterization of an unusual, recombinant Plum pox virus isolate from Bulgaria
Authors: E. Szathmary, I. Tobias, K. Dragoyski, L. Palkovics
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.1, p.65-67, 2009
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Molecular characterization of geographically different Cucurbit aphid-borne yellows virus isolates
Authors: K. Bananej, A. Vahdat, L. Predajna, M. Glasa
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.1, p.61-64, 2009
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Anticancer effects of an oncolytic parvovirus combined with non-conventional therapeutics on pancreatic carcinoma cell lines
Authors: Z. Raykov, P. B. Georgieva, A. Angelova, A. S. Galabov, J. Rommelaere
Acta virologica Vol.53, No.1, p.57-60, 2009
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Occurrence of Potato virus X on hybrid dock in Czech Republic
Authors: K. Petrzik
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.1, p.49-52, 2009
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Detection of Human papillomavirus and cellular regulators p16INK4a, p53, and NF-κB in penile cancer cases in Kenya
Authors: M. Senba, N. Buziba, N. Mori, A. Wada, S. Irie, K. Toriyama
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.1, p.43-48, 2009
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Immunogenic properties of recombinant ectodomain of Newcastle disease virus hemagglutinin-neuraminidase protein expressed in Escherichia coli
Authors: S. K. Wong, W. S. Tan, A. R. Omar, C. S. Tan, K. Yusoff
Acta Virologica Vol.53, No.1, p.35-41, 2009
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