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Neutrophilic differentiation modulates the apoptotic response of HL-60 cells to sodium butyrate and sodium valproate
Authors: J. Vrba, P. Dolezel, J. Ulrichova
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.5, p.438-448, 2010
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Possible prognostic value of nucleolar morphology in pathologic cells of B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Authors: M. Klobusicka, J. Kusenda, L. Stevulova, A. Kovarikova, O. Babusikova
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.5, p.429-437, 2010
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The effect of probiotic microorganisms and bioactive compounds on chemically induced carcinogenesis in rats
Authors: I. Bertkova, E. Hijova, A. Chmelarova, G. Mojzisova, D. Petrasova, L. Strojny, A. Bomba, R. Zitnan
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.5, p.422-428, 2010
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Polymorphisms in metabolizing enzymes and the risk of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma in the Slavic population of the central Europe
Authors: P. Soucek, S. Susova, B. Mohelnikova-Duchonova, J. Gromadzinska, A. Moraviec-Sztandera, P. Vodicka, L. Vodickova
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.5, p.415-421, 2010
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Binding of AR to SMRT/N-CoR complex and its co-operation with PSA promoter in prostate cancer cells treated with natural histone deacetylase inhibitor NaB
Authors: K. Trtkova, L. Paskova, N. Matijescukova, M. Strnad, Z. Kolar
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.5, p.406-414, 2010
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PARP-1 inhibitors: a novel genetically specific agents for cancer therapy
Authors: L. Cipak, S. Jantova
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.5, p.401-405, 2010
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Immunophenotype characterization of hematopoietic stem cells, progenitor cells restricted to myeloid lineage and their leukemia counterparts
Authors: M. Fajtova, O. Babusikova
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.5, p.392-400, 2010
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Selenium as a chemoprotective anti-cancer agent: Reality or wishful thinking?
Authors: L. Novotny, P. Rauko, S. B. Kombian, I. O. Edafiogho
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.5, p.383-391, 2010
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No differences in outcome between radical surgical treatment (enucleation) and stereotactic radiosurgery in patients with posterior uveal melanoma
Authors: A. Furdova, P. Slezak, M. Chorvath, I. Waczulikova, M. Sramka, G. Kralik
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.377-381, 2010
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Optimization and it’s influence on value of doses in HDR and PDR brachytherapy
Authors: J. Skowronek, G. Zwierzchowski, T. Piotrowski, P. Milecki
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.369-376, 2010
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Deleted in Breast Cancer 1 (DBC1) is a dynamically regulated protein
Authors: J. E. Kim, S. Sung
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.365-368, 2010
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Quantitation of thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor mRNA with real-time PCR for early diagnosis of papillary thyroid microcarcinoma
Authors: J. Qiu, Y. Zhang, X. Guo, F. Zeng, C. Zhao, X. Qiu, X. Wu
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.360-364, 2010
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Dasatinib in imatinib-resistant or -intolerant CML patients: data from the clinical practice of 6 hematological centers in the Czech Republic
Authors: H. Klamova, E. Faber, D. Zackova, M. Markova, J. Voglova, E. Cmunt, L. Novakova, K. Machova-Polakova, J. Moravcova, D. Dvorakova, K. Michalova, J. Brezinova, A. Oltova, M. Jarosova, P. Cetkovsky, K. Indrak, J. Mayer
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.355-359, 2010
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Prognostic value of FDG-PET in Hodgkin lymphoma for posttreatment evaluation. Long term follow-up results.
Authors: Z. Molnar, Z. Simon, Z. Borbenyi, B. Deak, L. Galuska, K. Keresztes, Z. Miltenyi, I. Marton, A. Rosta, T. Schneider, L. Tron, E. Varady, A. Illes
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.349-354, 2010
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Antitumor activity of apoptotic nuclease TBN1 from L. esculentum.
Authors: J. Matousek, T. Podzimek, P. Pouckova, J. Stehlik, J. Škvor, P. Lipovova, J. Matousek
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.339-348, 2010
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Excretion of estrogens, catecholestrogens and phytoestrogens in carriers of BRCA1 gene mutations: effects of metformin
Authors: L. M. Berstein, A. Koskela, M. P. Boyarkina, H. Adlercreutz
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.333-338, 2010
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CCND1 and ZNF217 gene amplification is equally frequent in BRCA1 and BRCA2 associated and non-BRCA breast cancer
Authors: P. Plevova, D. Cerna, A. Balcar, L. Foretova, J. Zapletalova, E. Silhanova, R. Curik, J. Dvorackova
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.325-332, 2010
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Dual inhibition of topoisomerases enhances apoptosis in melanoma cells
Authors: K. Rudolf, M. Cervinka, E. Rudolf
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.316-324, 2010
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Estrogen receptor alpha polymorphisms: correlation with clinicopathological parameters in breast cancer
Authors: A. Anghel, M. Raica, D. Narita, E. Seclaman, T. Nicola, S. Ursoniu, M. Anghel, E. Popovici
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.306-315, 2010
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Identification of differential proteins in colon cancer SW480 cells with HIF1-α silence by proteome analysis
Authors: X. Y. Wu, Z. X. Fu, X. H. Wang, W. Shen
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.299-305, 2010
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