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Nestin expression in human tumors and tumor cell lines.
Authors: O. Krupkova_Jr, T. Loja, I. Zambo, R. Veselska
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.291-298, 2010
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Transcription factor IIH – the protein complex with multiple functions
Authors: Z. Mydlikova, J. Gursky, M. Pirsel
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.4, p.287-290, 2010
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Population-based study of BRCA1/2 mutations: Family history based criteria identify minority of mutation carriers
Authors: M. Mateju, J. Stribrna, M. Zikan, Z. Kleibl, M. Janatova, S. Kormunda, J. Novotny, P. Soucek, L. Petruzelka, P. Pohlreich
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.280-285, 2010
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Treatment of newly diagnosed patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia with modified spanish treatment protocol
Authors: I. Oravcova, B. Czako, E. Demeckova, L. Demitrovicova, R. Greksak, P. Kotoucek, M. Mego, E. Mikuskova, K. Richterova, F. Al_Sabti, M. Mistrik
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.270-279, 2010
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MicroRNA-181 family predicts response to concomitant chemoradiotherapy with temozolomide in glioblastoma patients
Authors: O. Slaby, R. Lakomy, P. Fadrus, R. Hrstka, L. Kren, E. Lzicarova, M. Smrcka, M. Svoboda, H. Dolezalova, J. Novakova, D. Valik, R. Vyzula, J. Michalek
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.264-269, 2010
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Is there any venous gradient in serum thyroglobulin levels in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer?
Authors: K. Gulben, U. Berberoglu, A. Uluocak
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.260-263, 2010
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Annexin A1 expression and its prognostic significance in human breast cancer
Authors: L. P. Wang, J. Bi, C. Yao, X. D. Xu, X. X. Li, S. M. Wang, Z. L. Li, D. Y. Zhang, M. Wang, G. Q. Chang
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.253-259, 2010
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High-resolution melting analysis of PCDH10 methylation levels in gastric, colorectal and pancreatic cancers
Authors: B. Yu, H. Yang, C. Zhang, Q. Wu, Y. Shao, J. Zhang, M. Guan, J. Wan, W. Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.247-252, 2010
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Prognostic stratification using F-18 FDG PET/CT in patients with advanced stage (Stage III and IV) non-small cell lung cancer
Authors: Y. S. Kim, M. K. Lee, S. J. Kim, I. J. Kim, Y. K. Kim, W. S. Jo, S. K. Park
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.241-246, 2010
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Increased 18F-FDG uptake and expression of Glut1 in the EMT transformed breast cancer cells induced by TGF-β
Authors: W. Li, Z. Wei, Y. Liu, H. Li, R. Ren, Y. Tang
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.234-240, 2010
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Transcriptional inactivation of secreted frizzled-related protein 1 by promoter hypermethylation as a potential biomarker for non-small cell lung cancer
Authors: Y. W. Zhang, Y. F. Miao, J. Yi, J. Geng, R. Wang, L. B. Chen
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.228-233, 2010
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Nuclear translocation of telomerase reverse transcriptase: a critical process in chemical induced hepatocellular carcinogenesis
Authors: Y. Chen, Q. Kong
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.222-227, 2010
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Telomere length, molecular cytogenetic findings, and immunophenotypic features in previously untreated patients with B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Authors: J. Brezinova, A. Berkova, S. Vcelikova, Z. Zemanova, S. Izakova, I. Sarova, H. Cechova, J. Tajtlova, L. Grosova, L. Lizcova, E. Malinova, M. Zemanova, E. Cmunt, J. Karban, M. Trneny, J. Schwarz, K. Michalova
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.215-221, 2010
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In vitro and in vivo effects of reovirus on HPV16-transformed mice cells
Authors: K. Figova, E. Sobotkova, M. Duskova, V. Ludvikova, V. Vonka, T. Eckschlager
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.207-214, 2010
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Interaction between estrogens and androgen receptor genes microsatellites, prostate-specific antigen and androgen receptor expressions in breast cancer
Authors: D. Narita, A. Anghel, A. M. Cimpean, D. Izvernariu, N. Cireap, R. Ilina, S. Ursoniu
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.198-206, 2010
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Overexpression of clusterin correlates with tumor progression, metastasis in gastric cancer: a study on tissue microarrays
Authors: J. Bi, A. L. Guo, Y. R. Lai, B. Li, J. M. Zhong, H. Q. Wu, Z. Xie, Y. L. He, Z. L. Lv, S. H. Lau, Q. Wang, X. H. Huang, L. J. Zhang, J. M. Wen, X. Y. Guan
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.3, p.191-197, 2010
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Combination of photodynamic therapy + immunotherapy + chemotherapy in murine leukiemia
Authors: G. Canti, A. Calastretti, A. Bevilacqua, E. Reddi, G. Palumbo, A. Nicolin
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.2, p.184-188, 2010
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Long-term cardiac effects of treatment for childhood leukemia
Authors: D. Urbanova, L. Urban, I. Simkova, K. Danova, E. Mikuskova, B. Mladosievicova
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.2, p.179-183, 2010
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Secondary acute myeloid leukemia – a single center experience
Authors: T. Szotkowski, P. Rohon, L. Zapletalova, K. Sicova, J. Hubacek, K. Indrak
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.2, p.170-178, 2010
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The radiosensitising effect of olomoucine derived synthetic cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors
Authors: G. Korinkova, K. Cwiertka, M. Paprskarova, P. Dzubak, M. Hajduch
Neoplasma Vol.57, No.2, p.161-169, 2010
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