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Tumors induced by Murine herpesvirus 60 or by cell line NB-78 derived from a tumor induced by Murine herpesvirus 78 show presence of the inducing viruses
Authors: Z. Hrabovska, A. Chalupkova, J. Mistrikova
Acta Virologica Vol.54, No.1, p.55-60, 2010
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Protein interaction matrix of Papaya ringspot virus type P based on a yeast two-hybrid system
Authors: W. T. Shen, M. Q. Wang, P. Yan, L. Gao, P. Zhou
Acta Virologica Vol.54, No.1, p.49-54, 2010
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Contribution of rearranged actin structures to the spread of Ectromelia virus infection in vitro
Authors: A. Boratynska, L. Martyniszyn, L. Szulc, M. Krzyzowska, J. Szczepanowska, M. G. Niemialtowski
Acta Virologica Vol.54, No.1, p.41-48, 2010
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Fusion of HSP70 gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to hemagglutinin (H5) gene of avian influenza virus in DNA vaccine enhances its potency
Authors: M. Rasoli, A. R. Omar, I. Aini, B. Jalilian, S. H. Syed_Hassan, M. Mohamed
Acta Virologica Vol.54, No.1, p.33-39, 2010
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Monosodium luminol upregulates the expression of Bcl-2 and VEGF in retrovirus-infected mice through downregulation of corresponding miRNAs
Authors: G. Lungu, X. Kuang, G. Stoica, P. K. Wong
Acta Virologica Vol.54, No.1, p.27-32, 2010
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Malvastrum yellow vein Yunnan virus is a monopartite begomovirus
Authors: T. Jiang, P. Liu, B. L. Liao, J. X. Wu, C. J. Huang
Acta Virologica Vol.54, No.1, p.21-26, 2010
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Trends in development of the influenza vaccine with broader cross-protection
Authors: A. Stropkovska, J. Janulikova, E. Vareckova
Acta Virologica Vol.54, No.1, p.7-19, 2010
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