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Plant polyphenols in prevention of heart disease
Authors: E. Ginter, V. Simko
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.8, p.476–480, 2012
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Myostatin downregulates the expression of basic fibroblast growth factor gene in HeLa cells
Authors: H. Z. Liu, P. Luo, S. H. Chen, J. H. Shang
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.8, p.471–475, 2012
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Role of curcumin in mesenteric ischemia – reperfusion injury in rats
Authors: K. E. Nurullahoglu-Atalik, N. Okudan, M. Belviranli, H. Gokbel, M. Oz, H. Esen
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.8, p.465–470, 2012
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Natural oriffice transluminal endoscoping surgery – transgastric approach
Authors: D. Smid, J. Molacek, V. Vesely, V. Treska
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.8, p.459–464, 2012
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Anomalous muscle from the fascia around popliteal vessels
Authors: V. Rodrigues, B. Satheesha Nayak, K. G. Mohandas Rao, A. S. Rao, V. Venkataramana, S. N. Somayaji
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.451–453, 2012
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Duplication of the inferior vena cava with azygos continuation, retroaortic left renal vein and iliac vein variations
Authors: A. Ahmetoglu, A. Cansu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.448–450, 2012
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Spontaneous cholecystocutaneous fistula as a rare complication of gallstones
Authors: Y. Ozdemir, E. Yucel, I. Sucullu, I. Filiz, B. Gulec, M. L. Akin, M. Yildiz
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.445–447, 2012
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Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis in two pairs of identical twins
Authors: H. Karatas, N. Dericioglu, S. Saygi
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.441–444, 2012
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Anatomy and clinical applications of the mandibular nerve
Authors: S. Krishnaraj Somayaji, S. Rashmi Acharya, K. G. Mohandas Rao, V. Venkataramana
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.431–440, 2012
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Evaluation of children with neurobrucellosis
Authors: S. Akbayram, M. Dogan, E. Peker, M. S. Bektas, H. Caksen, M. Karahocagil
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.424–430, 2012
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Major and minor bio-element status in children with febrile seizure
Authors: S. Akbayram, M. Cemek, A. Büyükben, F. Aymelek, S. Karaman, F. Yilmaz, M. Dogan, H. Caksen
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.421–423, 2012
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Utility of venous compression in deep venous thrombosis evaluation revisited
Authors: E. Kocakoc, S. Bhatt, V. S. Dogra
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.417–420, 2012
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Vitamin D deficiency – a possible link between osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome
Authors: K. Brazdilova, A. Dlesk, T. Koller, Z. Killinger, J. Payer
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.412–416, 2012
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Percutaneous dilation tracheostomy versus surgical tracheostomy in critically ill patients
Authors: M. Pauliny, E. Christova, J. Mackova, M. Liska
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.409–411, 2012
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Uncommon leukemic case of anaplastic large cell lymphoma diagnosed through a typical chromosomal abnormality t(2;5) with a null phenotype and aberrant expression of NG2 and CD13
Authors: A. Kolenova, E. Mejstrikova, K. Fidlerova, E. Fronkova, L. Plank, P. Szepe, J. Jindrova, D. Sejnova, A. Zakovicova, E. Kaiserova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.404–408, 2012
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The role of zinc supplementation in the inhibition of tissue damage caused by exposure to electromagnetic field in rat lung and liver tissues
Authors: A. K. Baltaci, R. Mogulkoc, A. Salbacak, I. Celik, A. Sivrikaya
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.400–403, 2012
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Effects of CoQ10 supplementation and swimming training on exhaustive exercise-induced oxidative stress in rat heart
Authors: N. Okudan, S. Revan, S. S. Balci, M. Belviranli, H. Pepe, H. Gökbel
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.7, p.393–399, 2012
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Primary healthcare professionals’ knowledge, attitude and behavior regarding influenza immunization; 2006–2007 season adverse effect profile
Authors: S. Mistik, E. Balci, F. Elmali
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.6, p.384–388, 2012
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A case of scrotal swelling mimicking testicular torsion preceding Henoch-Schönlein vasculitis
Authors: C. Akgun
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.6, p.382–383, 2012
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Rapidly progressing A/H1N1 (09) pandemic influenza virus infection in pregnancy
Authors: S. Celen, S. Ozyer, S. Unlu, S. Saygan, O. Uzunlar, N. Danısman, L. Mollamahmutoglu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.6, p.379–381, 2012
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