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Rasopathies – dysmorphic syndromes with short stature and risk of malignancy
Authors: M. Cizmarova, L. Kostalova, Z. Pribilincova, Z. Lasabova, A. Hlavata, L. Kovacs, D. Ilencikova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.4, p.217-222, 2013
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Late onset of familial neurogenic diabetes insipidus in monozygotic twins
Authors: M. Cizmarova, G. Nagyova, V. Janko, Z. Pribilincova, D. Virgova, D. Ilencikova, L. Kovacs
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.4, p.211-216, 2013
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Effects of retinoic acid isomers on proteomic pattern in human breast cancer MCF-7 cell line
Authors: D. Flodrova, D. Benkovska, D. Macejova, L. Bialesova, J. Bobalova, J. Brtko
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.3, p.205-209, 2013
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Measurement of salivary aldosterone: validation by low-dose ACTH test and gender differences
Authors: N. Hlavacova, J. Kerlik, Z. Radikova, L. Izakova, D. Jezova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.4, p.201-204, 2013
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Bisphenol A alone or in combination with estradiol modulates cell cycle- and apoptosis-related proteins and genes in MCF7 cells
Authors: A. Mlynarcikova, L. Macho, M. Fickova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.4, p.189-199, 2013
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Does chronic stress enhance the risk of diseases?
Authors: L. Filaretova, O. Morozova, F. Laszlo, E. Morschl, D. Zelena
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.4, p.177-188, 2013
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Changes of physiological functions induced by shift work
Authors: I. Herichova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.3, p.159-170, 2013
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Hormones and endocrine disruptors in human seminal plasma
Authors: R. Hampl, J. Kubatova, J. Heracek, V. Sobotka, L. Starka
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.3, p.149-158, 2013
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Secondary osteoporosis – an endocrinological approach focusing on underlying mechanisms
Authors: A. Polymeris, K. Michalakis, V. Sarantopoulou
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.3, p.137-148, 2013
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Is vitamin D supplementation a new hope for the therapy of the septic shock?
Authors: H. Yılmaz, E. Sahiner, T. Darcin, H. T. Celik, M. A. Bilgic, A. Akcay
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.3, p.133-136, 2013
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Effect of 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 on progesterone secretion by porcine ovarian granulosa cells
Authors: K. Smolikova, A. Mlynarcikova, S. Scsukova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.3, p.123-131, 2013
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Do lunar phases influence menstruation? A year-long retrospective study
Authors: I. Ilias, F. Spanoudi, E. Koukkou, D. A. Adamopoulos, S. C. Nikopoulou
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.3, p.121-122, 2013
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Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in Qazvin Metabolic Diseases Study (QMDS), Iran: A comparative analysis of six definitions
Authors: N. Esmailzadehha, A. Ziaee, A. M. Kazemifar, A. Ghorbani, S. Oveisi
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.3, p.111-120, 2013
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Ependymal cells variations in the central canal of the rat spinal cord filum terminale: an ultrastructural investigation
Authors: A. Mitro, K. Gallatz, M. Palkovits, A. Kiss
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.2, p.93–99, 2013
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Long-term liquid nutrition intake and development of obesity: differences between young and adult rats
Authors: L. Mikuska, M. Vrabcova, L. Lackovicova, J. Ukropec, N. Hegedusova, P. Slavkovsky, P. Hubka, B. Mravec
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.2, p.85–92, 2013
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G protein-coupled estrogen receptor1 (GPER1) may mediate Rho-kinase (ROCK-2) up-regulation in coronary endothelial cells
Authors: A. H. Kurt, R. N. Tiftik, I. Un, S. Ulker, K. Buyukafsar
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.2, p.75–84, 2013
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Role of ionotropic glutamate receptors in the control of prolactin secretion by other neurotransmitters and neuropeptides at the level of the pituitary
Authors: S. K. Jain, D. Zelena
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.2, p.65–74, 2013
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Increased serum interleukin-33 levels in patients with Graves’ disease
Authors: H. T. Celik, S. Abusoglu, S. F. Burnik, S. Sezer, M. A. Serdar, M. Ercan, N. Uguz, M. Avcikucuk, Bal Ceylan, M. Yildirimkaya
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.2, p.57–64, 2013
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Renin-angiotensin system: upgrade of recent knowledge and perspectives
Authors: I. Herichova, K. Szantoova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.47, No.1, p.39–52, 2013
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