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Spaceflight osteoporosis: current state and future perspective
Authors: R. Cappellesso, L. Nicole, A. Guido, D. Pizzol
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.4, p.231–239, 2015
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Incidental pheochromocytoma in a patient with nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Authors: S. Baldane, S. H. Ipekci, E. Celik, G. K. Gedik, E. Ozaslan, I. Guler, L. Kebapcilar
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.4, p.227–230, 2015
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Biological variations in adrenal gland response to immobilization and glucoprivation stressors in rats
Authors: I. Y. Ibrahim, S. M. Abdel-Hakim, W. H. Nazmy, A. H. Saad, F. F. Ali
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.4, p.217–226, 2015
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Effect of unilateral adrenalectomy on acute immobilization stress response in rats
Authors: I. Y. Ibrahim, S. M. Abdel-Hakim, W. H. Nazmy, A. H. Saad, F. F. Ali
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.4, p.206-216, 2015
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The protective role of the opioid antagonist LY255582 in the management of high fat diet-induced obesity in adult male albino rats
Authors: I. Y. Ibrahim, H. M. Ibrahim, N. M. Aziz, D. M. Rahman
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.4, p.198–205, 2015
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IRE1 inhibition affects the expression of insulin-like growth factor binding protein genes and modifies its sensitivity to glucose deprivation in U87 glioma cells
Authors: D. O. Minchenko, A. P. Kharkova, D. O. Tsymbal, L. L. Karbovskyi, O. H Minchenko
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.4, p.185–197, 2015
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Molecular-genetic aspects of familial hypercholesterolemia
Authors: D. Gabcova-Balaziova, D. Stanikova, B. Vohnout, M. Huckova, J. Stanik, I. Klimes, K. Raslova, D. Gasperikova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.3, p.164–181, 2015
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Exercise associated hormonal signals as powerful determinants of an effective fat mass loss
Authors: B. Bajer, M. Vlcek, A. Galusova, R. Imrich, A. Penesova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.3, p.151–163, 2015
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Potential biomarkers of exosomal cargo in endocrine signaling
Authors: M. Zduriencikova, P. Gronesova, D. Cholujova, J. Sedlak
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.3, p.141–150, 2015
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Age of obesity onset in MC4R mutation carriers
Authors: D. Stanikova, M. Surova, M. Buzga, M. Skopkova, L. Ticha, M. Petrasova, M. Huckova, D. Gabcova-Balaziova, L. Valentova, M. Mokan, I. Zavacka, J. Stanik, I. Klimes, D. Gasperikova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.3, p.137–140, 2015
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Inhibition of fatty-acid amide hydrolyse (FAAH) exerts cognitive improvements in male but not female rats
Authors: N. Hlavacova, M. Chmelova, V. Danevova, A. Csanova, D. Jezova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.3, p.131–136, 2015
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Does radio frequency radiation induce micronuclei frequency in exfoliated bladder cells of diabetic rats?
Authors: N. Gurbuz, B. Sirav, D. Kuzay, C. Ozer, N. Seyhan
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.3, p.126–130, 2015
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Adding of ascorbic acid to the culture medium influences the antioxidant status and some biochemical parameters in the hen granulosa cells
Authors: M. Capcarova, A. Kolesarova, A. Kalafova, J. Bulla, A. V. Sirotkin
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.3, p.119–125, 2015
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Titanium dioxide nanoparticles: some aspects of toxicity/focus on the development
Authors: E. Rollerova, J. Tulinska, A. Liskova, M. Kuricova, J. Kovriznych, A. Mlynarcikova, A. Kiss, S. Scsukova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.2, p.97-112, 2015
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Self-awareness of fast eating and its impact on diagnostic components of metabolic syndrome among middle-aged Japanese males and females
Authors: A. Nohara, Y. Maejima, K. Shimomura, K. Kumamoto, M. Takahashi, M. Akuzawa, M. Negishi, N. Ishiyama, N. Nagano, Y. Aso, S. Takenoshita, Y. Shimomura
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.2, p.91-96, 2015
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Subclinical hypothyroidism in combination with vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of impaired left ventricular diastolic function
Authors: H. Yilmaz, M. Cakmak, T. Darcin, O. Inan, O. M. Gurel, M. A. Bilgic, N. Bavbek, A. Akcay
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.2, p.84-90, 2015
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Expression of insulin-like growth factor binding protein genes and its hypoxic regulation in U87 glioma cells depends on ERN1 mediated signaling pathway of endoplasmic reticulum stress
Authors: D. O. Minchenko, A. P. Kharkova, L. L. Karbovskyi, O. H. Minchenko
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.2, p.73-83, 2015
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Influence of thyroid disorders on the kidney expression and plasma activity of aminopeptidase A
Authors: R. Wangensteen, A. B. Segarra, M. Ramirez-Sanchez, M. De Gasparo, G. Dominguez, I. Banegas, F. Vargas, F. Vives, I. Prieto
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.2, p.68-72, 2015
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High plasma triglyceride levels strongly correlate with low kisspeptin in the arcuate nucleus of male rats
Authors: A. Overgaard, A. M. Axel, M. E. Lie, H. H. Hansen, J. D. Mikkelsen
Endocrine Regulations Vol.49, No.2, p.51-57, 2015
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