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Does high fat diet effect the bone-implant connection?
Authors: S. Dundar, A. Bozoglan, K. Sahin, T. A. Balci, M. Kirtay, M. Y. Bozoglan, M. Calisir
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.450–454,2020
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The prognostic value of E-cadherin and Ki-67 compared to standard histopathologic examination in non–muscle invasive bladder cancer
Authors: S. Harsanyi, S. Ziaran, K. Bevizova, Z. Varchulova Novakova, B. Trebaticky, P. Bujdak, S. Galbavy, L. Danisovic
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.444–449,2020
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Ependymal cells surface of human third brain ventricle by scanning electron microscopy
Authors: M. Lorencova, A. Mitro, M. Jurikova, P. Galfiova, R. Mikusova, L. Krivosikova, A. Janegova, M. Palkovic, S. Polak
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.437–443,2020
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Cerebral monitoring during carotid endarterectomy using transcranial cerebral oximetry
Authors: V. Sihotsky, P. Berek , I. Kopolovets, M. Frankovicova, P. Stefanic, M. Kubikova, R. Mucha
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.431–436,200
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The effect of saliva stimulation on the secretion of cortisol during stress and physiological conditions
Authors: K. Jansakova, K. Kyselicova, H. Celusakova, G. Repiska, D. Ostatnikova
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.428–430,2020
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Does the platelet‑to‑lymphocyte ratio have a prognostic effect in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome?
Authors: A. S. Yikilmaz, S. Akinci , S. M. Bakanay, I. Dilek
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.422–427,220
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Validation of the Slovak version of the Wijma Delivery Expectancy/Experience Questionnaire (W-DEQ), version A
Authors: L. Pitel, P. Psenkova, C. C.G. Jones, J. Zahumensky
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.415–421,2020
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Metastasis-free survival as a new endpoint in castration- -resistant prostate cancer
Authors: M. Kuzma, J. Kliment
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.411–414,2020
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Effects of tramadol administration on male reproductive toxicity in Wistar rats The role of oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, apoptosis-related gene expression, and nuclear factor kappa B signalling
Authors: M. Koohsari, N. Ahangar, E. Mohammadi, F. Talebpour Amiri, F. Shaki
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.400–410,2020
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Can repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the visual cortex ameliorate the state of patients with visual snow?
Authors: V. Grey, P. Klobusiakova, E. Minks
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.395–399,2020
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Preparation and processing of human allogenic dermal matrix for utilization in reconstructive surgical procedures
Authors: N .Sarkozyova, J. Dragunova , P. Bukovcan , N. Ferancikova, J. Breza, Z. Zilinska, J. Koller
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.386–394,2020
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Condylar position and mandibular function after bilateral sagittal split osteotomy
Authors: D. Hirjak, B. Dvoranova, J. P. Reyneke, M. Machon, A. Neff
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.6, p.379–385,2020
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Calcium dosage in the lipid emulsion used to treat verapamil toxicity
Authors: S. H. Ok, J. T. Sohn
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.5, p.373,2020
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Design of abdominal retractor
Authors: M. Cambal, B. Hucko, M. Zemanova, M. Cekan, F. Horvat, O. Chlebo, M. Bachraty, B. Hrbaty, P. Labas
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.5, p.370–372,2020
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A possible connection between circulating 25-hydroxy-vitamin D and molecular response in chronic myeloid leukemia
Authors: G. Fusun, G. O. Gonca, B. K. Ugur, A. Saliha, C. Mehmet, S. Kaan, F. Y. Asu, K. P. Bahriye
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.5, p.366–369,2020
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Investigation of lncRNA H19 in prostate cancer cells and secreted exosomes upon androgen stimulation or androgen receptor blockage
Authors: E. Ozgur, U. Gezer
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.5, p.362–365,2020
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Long-term experience with implantable treprostinil pumps in pulmonary arterial hypertension
Authors: V. Dytrych, J. Kuchar, D. Ambroz, J. Kunstyr, T. Grus, J. Lindner, A. Linhart, P. Jansa
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.5, p.358–361,2020
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Hyaluronic acid application vs arthroscopy in treatment of internal temporomandibular joint disorders
Authors: J. Stasko, D. Statelova, M. Janickova, K. Mikuskova, M. Bacinsky, J. Sokol, Z. Frlickova, D. Hvizdos, I. Malachovsky
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.5, p.352–357,2020
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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease increases the prevalence of maintenance haemodialysis in patients with chronic kidney disease
Authors: Y. C. Lu, C. Y. Hsu
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.5, p.348–351,2020
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Alterations in the immunoreactivity of laminin, type IV collagen and α3β1 integrin in diabetic rat ovarian follicles
Authors: A. B. Yildirim, D. Karabulut, E. Ozturk, E. Kaymak, B. Yalcin, N. Kuloglu, E Akkus
Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.121, No.5, p.340–347,2020
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