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Clinical presentation, treatment modalities and outcome in patients with adrenocortical carcinoma: A single center experience
Authors: M. Bronswijk, A. Laenen, O. E. Bechter
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.209–213, 2020
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Hepatitis B virus infection status is not associated with poor prognosis in classical Hodgkin lymphoma patients
Authors: B. Bu, K. Yi, H. Wang, M. Yang, M. Wu, L. Ping, Y. Xie, J. Qiu, L. Zhao, D. Mei, X. Wang, Y. Song, J. Zhu, W. Liu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.203–208, 2020
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4DCT-based evaluation of lung tumor motion during the breathing cycle
Authors: M. Adamczyk, M. Konkol, M. Matecka-Nowak, T. Piotrowski
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.193–202, 2020
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Chromosomal aberrations in ascetic fluid of metastatic gastric cancer patients: A clustering analysis
Authors: T. Nayebbagher, H. Pashaiefar, M. Yaghmaie, K. Alimoghaddam, M. Jalili, M. Esfandbod, M. Saberian, H. Behroozi, M. Izadifard, A. Ghavamzadeh
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.185–192, 2020
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Bortezomib retreatment is effective in relapsed multiple myeloma patients – real-life clinical practice data
Authors: M. Stork, S. Sevcikova, L. Brozova, I. Spicka, V. Maisnar, J. Minarik, A. Jungova, E. Gregora, R. Velichova, R. Hajek, T. Jelinek, L. Pour
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.178–184, 2020
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Circular RNA circHIPK3 serves as a prognostic marker to promote chronic myeloid leukemia progression
Authors: X. Q. Feng, S. M. Nie, J. X. Huang, T. L. Li, J. J. Zhou, W. Wang, L. K. Zhuang, F. J. Meng
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.171–177, 2020
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Combined use of galectin-3 and thyroid peroxidase improves the differential diagnosis of thyroid tumors
Authors: D. Kalfert, M. Ludvikova, I. Kholova, J. Ludvik, O. Topolcan, J. Plzak
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.164–170, 2020
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BCR/ABL preleukemic fusion gene in subpopulations of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells from human UCB
Authors: L. Jakl, M. Skorvaga, K. Beresova, P. Kosik, M. Durdik, J. Jakubikova, M. Holop, M. Kubes, L. Zastko, E. Markova, I. Belyaev
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.158–163, 2020
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miR-186-5p targeting SIX1 inhibits cisplatin resistance in non-small-cell lung cancer cells (NSCLCs)
Authors: X. Liu, X. Zhou, Y. Chen, Y. Huang, J. He, H. Luo
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.147–157, 2020
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Identification of urinary hsa_circ_0137439 as a potential biomarker and tumor regulator of bladder cancer
Authors: Z. Song, Q. Zhang, J. Zhu, G. Yin, L. Lin, C. Liang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.137–146, 2020
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Loss of IGF2R indicates a poor prognosis and promotes cell proliferation and tumorigenesis in bladder cancer via AKT signaling pathway
Authors: S. B. Liu, L. B. Zhou, H. F. Wang, G. Li, Q. P. Xie, B. Hu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.129–136, 2020
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Decreased expression of SorCS1 in colorectal cancer: An independent predictor of poor prognosis
Authors: P. Z. Huang, S. Y. Peng, H. C. Yu, L. Huang, Q. Yao, X. L. Wang, S. Y. Tan, J. M. Zhou, P. N. Wang, A. P. Huang, L. L. Bai, Y. X. Luo, M. J. Huang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.119–128, 2020
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LncRNA H19 promotes glioma angiogenesis through miR-138/HIF-1α/VEGF axis
Authors: Z. Z. Liu, Y. F. Tian, H. Wu, S. Y. Ouyang, W. L. Kuang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.111–118, 2020
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MiR-512-3p regulates malignant tumor behavior and multi-drug resistance in breast cancer cells via targeting Livin
Authors: W. J. Duan, P. D. Bi, Y. Ma, N. Q. Liu, X. Zhen
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.102–110, 2020
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MiR-34a-5p/PD-L1 axis regulates cisplatin chemoresistance of ovarian cancer cells
Authors: Y. Zuo, W. Zheng, J. Liu, Q. Tang, S. S. Wang, X. S. Yang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.93–101, 2020
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MiR-378a-5p inhibits angiogenesis of oral squamous cell carcinoma by targeting KLK4
Authors: Z. Cui, Q. L. Liu, S. Q. Sun, K. Jiao, D. R. Liu, X. C. Zhou, L. Huang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.85–92, 2020
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High eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 alpha 1 expression promotes proliferation and predicts poor prognosis in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Authors: Y. Bao, T. L. Zhao, Z. Q. Zhang, X. L. Liang, Z. X. Wang, Y. Xiong, X. Lu, L. H. Wang
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.78–84, 2020
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Upregulated circZMIZ1 promotes the proliferation of prostate cancer cells and is a valuable marker in plasma
Authors: H. Jiang, D. J. Lv, X. L. Song, C. Wang, Y. Z. Yu, S. C. Zhao
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.68–77, 2020
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An indel polymorphism in the 3’ untranslated region of HMGB1 confers risk for hepatocellular carcinoma by regulating HMGB1 transcriptional activity in a Chinese population
Authors: J. Wang, J. Zhu, D. H. Mao, S. Zhu, X. G. Mi, Q. Yu
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.61–67, 2020
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Second-generation Src/Abl inhibitor bosutinib effectively induces apoptosis in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) cells via inhibiting Src/Abl signaling
Authors: Y. N. E. Ha, Y. Dai, D. Wufuer, M. Pidayi, G. Anasihan, L. Chen
Neoplasma Vol.67, No.1, p.54–60, 2020
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