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Conserved broad HIV-1 Gag-specific responses associated with low viral load and high CD4+ T cell nadir and preserved HAART regimen
Authors: Luciano Rodrigo Lopes, Jorge Simão do Rosário Casseb, Alberto José da Silva Duarte
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.324-329, 2021
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Sequencing and phylogenetic characterization of a novel RNA virus in Arma chinensis
Authors: Yonghao Dong, Pengjun Xu, Guangwei Ren, Changchun Feng, Dongyang Liu, Lianqiang Jiang, Fangzhao Jia, Changhua Zhang, Qinggang Gao, Yongjie Liu
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.320-323, 2021
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Full-length genome characterization of a new fusagravirus hosted by the spring orange peel fungus Caloscypha fulgens
Authors: Ergin Sahin, Emre Keskin, Ilgaz Akata
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.313-319, 2021
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The newborns Torque teno virus dynamics depending on the term, feeding type and maternal viral load
Authors: Elena A. Lolomadze, Anna V. Degtyareva, Denis V. Rebrikov
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.307-312, 2021
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Diversity of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in Shandong, China
Authors: Rui-Xue Xue, Sheng-Fu Sun, Yun-Gang Li, Miao-Li Wang, Gui-Sheng Wang, Yu-Jie Li, Yue Zhang, Xue-Hua Wei, Feng Chen, Jing-Jiao Ma, Zou-Ran Lan
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.303-306, 2021
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COVID-19: docking-based virtual screening and molecular dynamics study to identify potential SARS-CoV-2 spike protein inhibitors from plant-based phenolic compounds
Authors: Shirin Moradkhani, Abbas Farmani, Massoud Saidijam, Amir Taherkhani
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.288-302, 2021
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Scavenger receptor class B type I is more conducive for genotype 1b hepatitis C virus internalization than low-density lipoprotein receptor
Authors: Xiangyi Cao, Qiong Kang, Jiang Deng, Jun Xiao, Yanyu Zhang, Ping Ma, Xiaoang Yang, Liping Lv
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.279-287, 2021
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Development and evaluation of multi-epitope protein p72 (MeP72) for the serodiagnosis of African swine fever
Authors: Xingxing Zhang, Jing Guo, Lixia Wang, Zhiyuan Li, Yucheng Liu, Lulu Tian, Chencheng Xiao, Yanfang Li, Xuepeng Cai, Qingling Meng, Jun Qiao
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.273-278, 2021
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Acetylation of nucleopolyhedrovirus P35 is crucial for its anti-apoptotic activity in silkworm, Bombyx mori
Authors: Enoch Obeng, Jihai Lei, Jonas Ngowo, Fuxiang Mao, Huihui Yan, Yajie Zhu, Wei Yu
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.264-272, 2021
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Lupeol impairs herpes simplex virus type 1 replication by inhibiting the promoter activity of the viral immediate early gene α0
Authors: Ju Ye, Zhaoyang Wang, Jiaoyan Jia, Feng Li, Yiliang Wang, Yuzhou Jiang, Yifei Wang, Zhe Ren, Hanlin Pu
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.254-263, 2021
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T cell responses in symptomatic moderate patients with pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza A virus infection
Authors: Dimpu Gogoi, Dipankar Biswas, Biswajyoti Borkakoty, Mousumi Dutta
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.3, p.245-253, 2021
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Rapid and specific detection of apple chlorotic leaf spot virus in pear by reverse-transcription recombinase polymerase amplification
Authors: Hwi-Won Jeong, Seon-Min Go, Rae-Dong Jeong
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.237-241, 2021
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Intergenic recombination in feline calicivirus associated with a hemorrhagic-like disease in the Republic of Korea
Authors: Sook-Young Lee, Yong-Kwan Kim, Young-Sik Kim, Eun-Jee Na, Yoon-Ji Kim, Jae-Ku Oem
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.232-236, 2021
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Genetic variation analysis of Type 2 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in Guangdong Province from 2016 to 2018
Authors: Pandeng Zhao, Linyang Yu, Yanling Liu, Leyi Zhang, Pengshuai Liang, Lei Wang, Huiyuan Jing, Li Huang, Changxu Song, Jianguo Dong
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.221-231, 2021
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Detection and molecular characterization of a highly oncogenic Marek's disease virus from vaccinated hens in Turkey
Authors: Hasan Abayli, Burak Karabulut, Remziye Ozbek, Hasan Ongor, Necati Timurkaan, Sukru Tonbak
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.212-220, 2021
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Molecular characterization of low pathogenic avian influenza H9N2 virus during co-circulation with newly-emerged highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 virus in Iran
Authors: Soad Ghabeshi, Esmaeil Ebrahimie, Jila Yavarian, Vahid Salimi, Nazanin Zahra Shafiei-Jandaghi, Farhad Rezaie, Sara Sardari, Talat Mokhtari Azad
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.200-211, 2021
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A model for long-term infection of bovine papillomavirus type 1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Authors: Jun Chen, Qijia Li, Weixu Feng, Zhuo Chen, Qi Wang, Lifang Zhang, Pengfei Jiang, Kong-Nan Zhao
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.192-199, 2021
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DNA vaccine targeting the ectodomain of influenza M2 protein to endolysosome pathway enhances anti-M2e protective antibody response in mice
Authors: Jaroslav Hollý, Karolína Tomčíková, Mária Vozárová, Margaréta Fogelová, Lucia Jakubcová, Eva Varečková, František Kostolanský
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.181-191, 2021
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Specific synonymous mutations tightly correlate with HIV-1 co-receptor usage and differentially affect the secondary structure of HIV-1 Env RNA
Authors: Salvatore Dimonte, Lavinia Fabeni, Michele Pellegrino, Stefano Aquaro
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.173-180, 2021
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Computational screening of dual inhibitors from FDA approved antiviral drugs on SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and the main protease using molecular docking approach
Authors: Shanthi Sabarimurugan, Indu Purushothaman, Rajarajan Swaminathan, Arun Dharmarajan, Sudha Warrier, Sangeetha Kothandan
Acta Virologica Vol.65, No.2, p.160-172, 2021
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