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Sintilimab, bevacizumab biosimilar, and HAIC for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma conversion therapy: a prospective, single-arm phase II trial
Authors: Dongming Liu, Han Mu, Changfu Liu, Weihao Zhang, Yunlong Cui, Qiang Wu, Xiaolin Zhu, Feng Fang, Wei Zhang, Wenge Xing, Qiang Li, Tianqiang Song, Wei Lu, Huikai Li
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 811–818, 2023
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Treatment for SMARCB1 (INI-1) deficient sinonasal tumor: a single-institution study
Authors: Tian Wang, Jie Wang, Tianci Tang, Li Wang, Yi Li, Xinmao Song
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 804–810, 2023
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Favorable prognostic significance of membranous β-catenin expression and negative prognostic significance of cytoplasmic β-catenin expression in pancreatic cancer
Authors: Blanka Rosova, Jan Proks, Alzbeta Filipova, Dimitar Hadzi Nikolov, Renata Chloupkova, Igor Richter, Arpad Szabo, Aneta Rozsypalova, Radoslav Matej, Bohuslav Melichar, Tomas Buchler, Josef Dvorak
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 796–803, 2023
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Innervation density and types of nerves in prostate cancer
Authors: Filip Blasko, Lucia Krivosikova, Pavel Babal, Jan Breza, Branislav Trebaticky, Roman Kuruc, Boris Mravec, Pavol Janega
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 787–795, 2023
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CHAC1 promotes cell ferroptosis and enhances radiation sensitivity in thyroid carcinoma
Authors: Xinlin Yang, Miao Zhang, Wei Xia, Zhongchao Mai, Ying Ye, Bin Zhao, Yanan Song
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 777–786, 2023
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CCDC86 promotes the aggressive behavior of nasopharyngeal carcinoma by positively regulating EGFR and activating the PI3K/Akt signaling
Authors: Zhi Wang, Tao Zhou, Xubo Chen, Xinhua Zhu, Bing Liao, Jianguo Liu, Siqi Li, Ting Tan, Yuehui Liu
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 761–776, 2023
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Tumor-derived autophagosome vaccines combined with immune adjuvants mediate antitumor immune responses via the neoantigen pathway
Authors: Jia Yuan, Yue Chang, Yalan Dai, Yutong Chen, Rongbin Yue, Linjuan Zeng
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 747–760, 2023
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FBXW7 inhibits the progression of ESCC by directly inhibiting the stemness of tumor cells
Authors: Yanghui Bi, Yanfang Yang, Yong Zhang, Caixia Cheng, Peisen Tang, Heng Xiao, Fajia Yuan, Weiwei Wu, Bin Yang
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 733–746, 2023
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The gene RAD51AP1 promotes the progression of pancreatic cancer via the PI3K/Akt/NF-κB signaling pathway
Authors: Yongkun Wang, Yingchun Li, Cui Ran, Wenjun Le, Jiaxing Dong, Xujing Wang, Bo Chen, Xiaohua Jiang
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 722–732, 2023
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miR-124 delivered by BM-MSCs-derived exosomes targets MCT1 of tumor-infiltrating Treg cells and improves ovarian cancer immunotherapy
Authors: Tian Gao, Yong-Qing Lin, Hai-Yan Ye, Wu-Mei Lin
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.6, p. 713–721, 2023
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Brain metastasis from esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: a clinical review of 30 cases
Authors: Yu Yang, Yang Yang, Xiuwei Wu, Nianfei Wang, Mingjun Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 706–712, 2023
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Desmoplasia in non-small cell lung carcinomas is associated with low programmed death-ligand 1 expression and the absence of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes
Authors: Vladimír Tancoš, Lukáš Plank, Anna Farkašová, Marián Grendár, Alena Mazuráková, Zdenko Huťka, Zuzana Kviatkovská
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 697–705, 2023
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A pan-cancer analysis of RGR opsin expression and its downregulation associated with poor prognosis in glioma
Authors: Jianglong Feng, Wei Zhang, Wen Zeng, Yu Wang, Yangguang Gu, Yinghua Lan, Wenxiu Yang, Hongguang Lu
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 683–696, 2023
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Exploring the expression of SNHG1 and its effect on the PI3K-AKT axis in nasopharyngeal cancer
Authors: Yong Yang, Yan-Ping Yang, Mei-Ling Yi, Fang-Ting Huang, Xia Zhu, Guang-Wu Huang
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 670–682, 2023
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TRIM11 regulated by m6A modification promotes the progression of cervical cancer by PHLPP1 ubiquitination
Authors: Pu Zhang, Yi Tang, Jing Zhao, Jing Yang, Yan Chen, Yingping Gong, Shengjun Meng, Chuqiang Shu
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 659–669, 2023
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GPX3 is a key cholesterol-related gene associated with prognosis and tumor-infiltrating T cells in colorectal cancer
Authors: Jiming Chen, Yinhang Wu, Qing Zhou, Yifei Song, Jing Zhuang, Kongjie Lu, Xi Yang
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 645–658, 2023
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RASSF1A promotes radiosensitivity in nasopharyngeal carcinoma by promoting FoxO3a and inhibiting the Nrf2/TXNRD1 signaling pathway
Authors: Yishimei Si, Linghan Meng, Bingwen Zhang, Yuanqing Wu, Qianming Du, Jinjing Xu, Jianwei Qi
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 633–644, 2023
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ΔNp63 is regulated by insulin/IGF-1 signaling in normal basal/progenitor mammary cells and in luminal-type breast cancer cells
Authors: Michaela Stenckova, Yajing Liu, Marta Nekulova, Jitka Holcakova, Zuzana Pokorna, Rudolf Nenutil, Alastair M. Thompson, Borivoj Vojtesek, Philip John Coates
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 621–632, 2023
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MCM2 promotes the stemness of endometrial cancer cells via the Akt/β-catenin pathway
Authors: Yuening Chu, Xiaoting Jin, Xiaoqing Guo
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 610–620, 2023
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RNASEH1-AS1 induced by H3K27ac stabilizes ANXA2 mRNA to promote the progression of colorectal cancer through recruiting BUD13
Authors: Shengwei Zhuang, Weihong Lu, Lianjun Shen, Zhekun Huang, Xiuping Zhang, Yong Zhang
Neoplasma Vol.70, No.5, p. 597–609, 2023
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