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Impact of the number of therapy lines on survival in advanced gastric and esophagogastric adenocarcinoma - a real-world retrospective analysis from Croatia
Authors: Vesna Bišof, Andrija Katić, Majana Soče, Marina Vidović, Jelena Viculin, Stjepko Pleština, Eduard Vrdoljak
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 201–208, 2024
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Characterization of the effects of thymol derivatives on colorectal cancer spheroids
Authors: Michaela Blažíčková, Mária Bučková, Katarína Kozics
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 193–200, 2024
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Calreticulin regulates the expression of MMP14 and ADAR1 through EIF2AK2 signaling to promote the proliferation and progression of malignant melanoma cells
Authors: Li Liang, Jin Wang, Tao Guo, Lijun Huang, Yanping Wu, Rui Xu, Tong Huang, Binghua Ma
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 180–192, 2024
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Unlocking the paracrine crosstalk: adipocyte-derived factors affect carbonic anhydrase IX expression in colon and breast cancer cells
Authors: Jana Lapinova, Miroslav Balaz, Lucia Balazova, Lucia Csaderova, Tereza Golias, Miriam Zatovicova, Joerg Heeren, Silvia Pastorekova, Martina Takacova
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 164–179, 2024
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Nanocomposite hydrogels in skin cancer medicine
Authors: Lucia Balintova, Michaela Blazickova, Monika Sramkova
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 153–163, 2024
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Copy number variations in malignant melanoma: genomic regions, biomarkers, and therapeutic targets
Authors: Eva Lukáčová, Ondrej Pös, Eva Túryová, Tatiana Hurtová, Zuzana Hanzlíková, Tomas Szemes, Tatiana Burjanivová
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 143–152, 2024
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Can hypoxia marker carbonic anhydrase IX serve as a potential new diagnostic marker and therapeutic target of non-small cell lung cancer?
Authors: Silvia Fecikova, Lucia Csaderova, Petra Belvoncikova, Barbora Puzderova, Kamila BernatovA, Tomas Talac, Jaromir Pastorek, Monika Barathova
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 123–142, 2024
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Participation of suicide gene extracellular vesicles in metastasis prevention
Authors: Dajana Vanova, Michal Andrezal, Jana Jakubechova, Ursula Altanerova, Cestmir Altaner
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 117–122, 2024
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Mouse models for cancer research – current state and the perspective
Authors: Katarina Gercakova, Martina Poturnajova, Silvia Tyciakova, Ingeborg Rezuchova, Miroslava Matuskova
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.2, p. 99–116, 2024
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Three years follow-up of neoadjuvant chemoimmunotherapy in resectable non-small cell lung cancer
Authors: Wenhao Ji, Youhua Jiang, Yuetong Li, Weimin Mao, Lisong Teng
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 88–97, 2024
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Albumin-to-D-dimer ratios: A novel prognostic factor for evaluating first-line chemotherapy efficacy in advanced lung adenocarcinoma patients
Authors: Liqun Zhang, Xing Li, Zhuo Wang, Zhiyan Zhang, Lei Zhang, Zhaoyang Liu, Lisha Zhang, Shuowen Wang, Tatiana Vitalevna Khorobrykh, Mingze He, Jiawen Xiao
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 77–87, 2024
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The impact of neo/adjuvant treatment choices on prognosis for surgically treated small-cell neuroendocrine carcinoma of the cervix
Authors: Deying Zhao, Shaoxing Sun, Zhiyong Yang, Ping Wang, Hui Qiu
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 70–76, 2024
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microRNA-15a-5p suppresses hypoxia-induced tumor growth and chemoresistance in bladder cancer by binding to eIF5A2
Authors: Jinsong Yang, Haoyi Xiang, Mengjing Cheng, Xue Jiang, Ying Chen, Lingyan Zheng, Senxiang Yan, Shufen Zhang, Cheng Zhang, Wei Chen, Dajin Chen
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 60–69, 2024
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The role of polyethylenimine-functionalized gold nanoclusters carrying plasmid CMTM5 in impeding the malignant progression of prostate cancer cells by promoting EGFR endocytosis
Authors: Linjin Li, Chengpeng Li, Feilong Miao, Wu Chen, Xianghui Kong, Ruxian Ye, Rui Feng
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 48–59, 2024
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Tiam1 regulates proliferation, invasion, and differentiation in neuroblastoma through the Tiam1/Rac1 signaling pathway
Authors: Xue Li, Bin Liu, Xiaoming Wang, Yong Zhuang, Taihong Gao, Nianzheng Sun
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 37–47, 2024
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The role of HMGA2 in activating the IGFBP2 expression to promote angiogenesis and LUAD metastasis via the PI3K/AKT/VEGFA signaling pathway
Authors: Shuai Qian, Fengping Wang, Wenliang Liao, Jun Liu
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 22–36, 2024
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USP36 plays an oncogenic role in colorectal cancer cells
Authors: Lixiong Luo, Yijiang Li, Rongjie Huang, Ling Li, Chuncai Wu, Qunzhang Zeng
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 13–21, 2024
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Dongjun Jiang, Xiaoli Chen, Xiuting Li, Jian Qiu, Peng Xu, Xuezhi Li
Authors: Expression patterns and pathogenesis of Semaphorin class 4 subfamily proteins in solid tumors
Neoplasma Vol.71, No.1, p. 1–12, 2024
Price: free access
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