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Pathogenesis of Graves’ disease focusing on Graves’ ophthalmopathy
Authors: E. Karoutsou, A. Polymeris
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.4, p.209-220, 2011
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Mixed gonadal dysgenesis: whole life follow-up of a rare case
Authors: Z. Teliarova, L. Baqi, Z. Misikova, M. Pura, P. Jackuliak, J. Payer
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.4, p.205-207, 2011
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Bone mineral density, pathological fractures and bisphosphonate therapy in prostate cancer patients on androgen deprivation therapy
Authors: S. Ziaran, F. M. Goncalves, J. S. Breza
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.4, p.199-204, 2011
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Goiter, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders in patients with acromegaly
Authors: F. Golkowski, A. Krzentowska-Korek, A. Baldys-Waligorska, A. Hubalewska-Dydejczyk
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.4, p.191-197, 2011
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Iodine concentration and signs of apoptosis in the thyroid and pituitary of female rats after different single doses of potassium iodide
Authors: N. L. Basalaeva, G. V. Sychugov, V. K. Strizhikov, E. N. Mikhailova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.4, p.183-190, 2011
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Survival role of superoxide dismutase 1 on human granulosa luteinized cells in vitroSurvival role of superoxide dismutase 1 on human granulosa luteinized cells in vitro
Authors: J. Dineva, I. Vangelov, R. Abrashev, K. Todorova, D. Gulenova, D. Nikolov, I. Rangelov, G. Stamenov, M. Angelova, M. Ivanova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.4, p.175-181, 2011
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Brain-liver interactions during liver ischemia reperfusion injury: a minireview
Authors: J. Bundzikova, Z. Pirnik, L. Lackovicova, B. Mravec, A. Kiss
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.3, p.163-172, 2011
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Central hypothyroidism in patients with chronic hepatitis C and relation with interferon-alpha treatment
Authors: D. E. Zantut-Wittmann, M. H. Pavan, E. J. Pavin, F.L. Goncales Jr.
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.3, p.157-161, 2011
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Alpha-fetoprotein, carcinoembryonic antigen and beta2-microglobulin in adult population highly exposed to organochlorinated pollutants (PCB, DDE and HCB)
Authors: P. Langer, A. Kocan, B. Drobna, M. Huckova, Z. Radikova, K. Susienkova, R. Imrich, J. Ukropec
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.3, p.149-155, 2011
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Effect of ginseng extract supplementation on testicular functions in diabetic rats
Authors: F. A. Sawiress, M. S. Ziada, W. S. Bebawy, H. A. Amer
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.3, p.139-148, 2011
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7-hydroxylated derivatives of dehydroepiandrosterone as possibly related to menstrual mood change in healthy women
Authors: M. Duskova, K. Simunkova, M. Hill, L. Starka
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.3, p.131-137, 2011
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The ability of hydroxylated estrogens (2-OH-E2 and 4-OH-E2) to increase of SHBG gene, protein expression and intracellular levels in MCF-7 cells line
Authors: E. L. Gregoraszczuk, A. Ptak, A. Wrobel
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.3, p.125-130, 2011
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Detection of circulating tumor cells in metastatic breast cancer patients
Authors: L. Sanislo, B. Vertakova-Krakovska, P. Kuliffay, J. Brtko, A. Galbava, S. Galbavy
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.3, p.113-124, 2011
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Osteocalcin is a stress-responsive neuropeptide
Authors: P. Patterson-Buckendahl
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.2, p.99-110, 2011
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Stress, allostatic load, catecholamines, and other neurotransmitters in neurodegenerative diseases
Authors: D. S. Goldstein
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.2, p.91-98, 2011
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Phaeochromocytoma: a catecholamine and oxidative stress disorder
Authors: K. Pacak
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.2, p.65-90, 2011
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Polymeric nanoparticles - targeted drug delivery systems for treatment of CNS disorders and their possible endocrine disrupting activities
Authors: E. Rollerova, S. Scsukova, J. Jurcovicova, A. Mlynarcikova, E. Szabova, J. Kovriznych, D. Zeljenkova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.1, p.49-60, 2011
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Pregnancy- and lactation-associated osteoporosis: a narrative mini-review
Authors: K. Michalakis, P. Peitsidis, I. Ilias
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.1, p.43-47, 2011
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Prostatic assessment in rats after bilateral orchidectomy and calcitonin treatment
Authors: A. R. Al-Shahat, M. A. Shaikh, R. A. Elmansy, K. Shehzad, Z. A. Kaimkhani
Endocrine Regulations Vol.45, No.1, p.29-36, 2011
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