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Antioxidant potential of essential oil from Lavandula angustifolia in in vitro and ex vivo cultured liver cells
Authors: K. Kozics, A. Srancikova, E. Sedlackova, E. Horvathova, M. Melusova, V. Melus, Z. Krajcovicova, M. Sramkova
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Identification of prognostic risk factors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia based on mRNA expression profiling
Authors: C. Li, L. Kuang, B. Zhu, J. Chen, X. Wang, X. Huang
Price: free access
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NFAT5 inhibits invasion and promotes apoptosis in hepatocellular carcinoma associated with osmolality
Authors: X. Qin, Y. Wang, J. Li, Y. Xiao, Z. Liu
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The Effects of Lentivirus-mediated shRNA Interference Targeting Mcl-1 on Growth of NK/T-cell Lymphoma
Authors: X. Zhang, C. Shi, G. Yue, H. Guo, X. Fu, X. Li, L. Li, X. Wang, Z. Li, Y. Chang, M. Zhang, Q. Chen
Price: free access
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Saikosaponin-d suppresses cell growth in renal cell carcinoma through EGFR/p38 signaling pathway
Authors: C. Cai, H. Zhang, Y. Ou, Y. Jiang, D. Zhong, H. Qi, Q. Dang
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miR-361-5p suppresses lung cancer cell lines progression by targeting FOXM1
Authors: X. W. Hou, X. Sun, Y. Yu, H. M. Zhao, Z. J. Yang, X. Wang, X. C. Cao
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FBP1 modulates cell metabolism of breast cancer cells by inhibiting the expression of HIF-1α
Authors: L. Shi, C. He, Z. Li, Z. Wang, Q. Zhang
Price: free access
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MiR-34a suppresses HNSCC growth through modulating cell cycle arrest and senescence
Authors: Y. Wang, J. Chen, X. Chen, F. Jiang, Y. Sun, Y. Pan, W. Zhang, J. Zhang
Price: free access
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MicroRNA-300 targets hypoxia inducible factor-3 alpha to inhibit tumorigenesis of human non-small cell lung cancer
Authors: Y. Zhang, Y. Guo, C. Yang, S. Zhang, X. Zhu, L. Cao, W. Nie, H. Yu
Price: free access
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Microarray profiling defines circulating microRNAs associated with myelodysplastic syndromes
Authors: M. Dostalova Merkerova, A. Hrustincova, Z. Krejcik, H. Votavova, E. Ratajova, J. Cermak, M. Belickova
Price: free access
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miR-215 promotes cell migration and invasion of gastric cancer cell lines by targeting FOXO1
Authors: Y. Zang, T. Wang, J. Pan, R. Wu, H. Ge, B. Qu, X. Zuo
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Prognostic significance of the tumor-stroma ratio in gallbladder cancer
Authors: H. LI, S. L. YUAN, Z. Z. HAN, J. HUANG, L. CUI, C. Q. JIANG, Y. ZHANG
Price: free access
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Preoperative mean platelet volume and platelet distribution associated with thyroid cancer
Authors: Y. J. YU, N. LI, Z. Y. YUN, Y. NIU, J. J. XU, Z. P. LIU, T. LIU, R. T. WANG, K. J. YU
Price: free access
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Prognostic role of serum C-reactive protein in patients with advanced-stage NSCLC treated with pemetrexed
Authors: O. Fiala, P. Hosek, M. Pesek, J. Finek, J. Racek, T. Buchler, A. Poprach, K. Hejduk, R. Chloupkova, O. Sorejs, M. Ecksteinova, M. Vitovec, K. Cizkova, R. Kucera, O. Topolcan
Price: free access
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Plasma cell-free DNA integrity plus circulating tumor cells: a potential biomarker of no distant metastasis breast cancer
Authors: W. WANG, M. LIANG, G. MA, L. LI, W. ZHOU, T. XIA, H. XIE, S. WANG
Price: free access
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BRAF inhibitors: efficacious and tolerable in BRAF-mutant acral and mucosal melanoma
Authors: X. BAI, L. L. MAO, Z. H. CHI, X. N. SHENG, C. L. CUI, Y. KONG, J. DAI, X. WANG, S. M. LI, B. X. TANG, B. LIAN, L. ZHOU, X. Q. YAN, J. GUO, L. SI
Price: free access
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High Farnesoid X Receptor (FXR) expression is a strong and independent prognosticator in invasive breast carcinoma
Authors: C. Giaginis, D. Karandrea, P. Alexandrou, I. Giannopoulou, G. Tsourouflis, C. Troungos, E. Danas, A. Keramopoulos, E. Patsouris, L. Nakopoulou, S. Theocharis
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Radionuclides in radiation-induced bystander effect; may it share in radionuclide therapy?
Authors: M. Widel
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