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Expression of Tmem41b and MMP13 associated with poor outcome in osteosarcomas
Authors: Guo-Hua Li, Xiao Liu, Lin-Jie Feng, Liu Zhang
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CircSEC24A promotes tumor progression through sequestering miR-455-3p in hepatocellular carcinoma
Authors: Yulin Liao, Dongming Yang, Huaichao Luo, Guishu Yang, Xiaoxia Wen, Kaijiong Zhang, Chang Liu, Ruiling Zu, Lichun Wu, Zuo Wang, Dongsheng Wang
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Phycocyanin inhibits pancreatic cancer metastasis via suppressing epithelial‐mesenchymal transition and targeting Akt/β-catenin pathway
Authors: Rongrong Huang, Gaoyong Liao, Meifeng Gao, Yu Ou
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microRNA-200c-3p suppresses proliferation and invasion of nephroblastoma cells by targeting EP300 and inactivating the AKT/FOXO1/p27 pathway
Authors: Juan Cao, Guang-Shu Liu, Ning-Zhen Zou, Huang Zhang, Xiao-Xiao He, Ping-Li Sun, Hong-Jian An, Hong Shen
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The role of SPDEF in cancer: promoter or suppressor
Authors: Ke-Chun Bao, Fen-Fen Wang
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Osteopontin and its downstream carcinogenic molecules: regulatory mechanisms and prognostic value in cancer progression
Authors: Lang Chen, Xuan Huan, Guo-Hui Xiao, Wu-Han Yu, Teng-Fei Li, Xi-Dan Gao, You-Cheng Zhang
Price: free access
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Cancer-associated fibroblasts subtypes and role in invasion and metastasis of gastric cancer
Authors: Meng Zhang, Wen-Bin Guan, Jun-Lei Li, Ling-Xuan Li, Ke-Zhou Wang, Rui-Fen Wang, Li-Feng Wang
Price: free access
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PARP in colorectal cancer: Molecular mechanisms, immunity, clinical trials, and drug combinations
Authors: Fa-Hong Wu, Hang-Zhi Wei, Hong-Yang Deng, Guo-Hui Xiao, You-Cheng Zhang
Price: free access
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TLR2 and TLR4 in colorectal cancer: relationship to tumor necrosis and markers of systemic inflammation
Authors: Karoliina Paarnio, Juha P Väyrynen, Sara A Väyrynen, Tiina Kantola, Timo Karhu, Taina Tervahartiala, Kai Klintrup, Timo Sorsa, Tuula Salo, Jyrki Mäkelä, Tuomo J Karttunen
Price: free access
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HOXC10 indicates poor survival outcome in gastric cancer and promotes G1/S cell cycle transition through transcriptional repression of p21
Authors: Zheng-Hua Lin, Jia-Min He, San-Chuan Lai, Ning Ding, Ying Jiang, Xing-Kang He, Xiao-Sun Liu, Zhi-Hui Huang
Price: free access
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Differences in tolerogenic status of NK cells between luminal A type, luminal B type, and triple-negative breast cancer
Authors: Alma Starčević, Damir Grebić, Manuela Avirović, Martina Mavrinac, Petra Valković Zujić, Danijela Veljković Vujaklija, Tamara Gulić
Price: free access
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Functions of long non-coding RNA LNC11649 in non-small cell lung cancer cells as a reprocessed form of MALAT1
Authors: Jun-Zhe Qi, Ting-Ting Zhao, Shu-Shan Qi
Price: free access
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Mutational landscape of DNA damage response deficiency-related genes and its association with immune biomarkers in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Authors: Gang Chen, Yong-Jun Zhu, Ji Chen, Feng Miao, Ning Wu, Yang Song, Bei-Bei Mao, Sheng-Zhou Wang, Fei Xu, Zhi-Ming Chen
Price: free access
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PRKAA1, stabilized by FTO in an m6A-YTHDF2-dependent manner, promotes cell proliferation and glycolysis of gastric cancer by regulating the redox balance
Authors: Yangmei Zhang, Xichang Zhou, Xue Cheng, Xiou Hong, Xiaowei Jiang, Guilong Jing, Kai Chen, Yang Li
Price: free access
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PHF21A expression as a biomarker of hepatocellular carcinoma progression and prognosis
Authors: Jia-Qing Huang, Li-Chen Ji, Qian-Gan Jing, Yi-Chen He, Ying-Yu Ma, Xian-Ming Tong
Price: free access
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Moderately hypofractionated salvage radiotherapy in patients with biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer after prostatectomy: long-term results and comparative analysis of two schedules
Authors: Fabio Matrone, Alessandra Donofrio, Giuseppe Fanetti, Alberto Revelant, Jerry Polesel, Paola Chiovati, Roberto Bortolus
Price: free access
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The prognostic impact of immune checkpoint inhibitors for the treatment of pulmonary sarcomatoid carcinoma: A multicenter retrospective study
Authors: Jing-Wen Wei, Yue Hao, Jing Xiang, Xing-Xiang Pu, Li-Ping Wang, Zhan-Sheng Jiang, Jing-Xun Wu, Qian Wang, Chun-Wei Xu, Wen-Xian Wang, Zheng-Bo Song
Price: free access
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Safety and efficacy of the FLOT regimen in the Polish population - an analysis of the prospective trial
Authors: Katarzyna Marcisz-Grzanka, Mariola Winiarek, Jakub Pałucki, Paulina Wieszczy, Tomasz Olesiński, Mariusz Jóźwiak, Radosław Samsel, Urszula Sułkowska, Agnieszka Kolasińska-Ćwikła, Lucjan Stanisław Wyrwicz
Price: free access
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miR-550a-5p promotes the proliferation and migration of hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting GNE via the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway
Authors: Chun-Ming Li, Wu Wu, Zhu Zhu, Pei-Lin Lu, Jian-Ping Gong, Rong Ma
Price: free access
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SUMO1-modified DNA methyltransferase 1 induces DNA hypermethylation of VWC2 in the development of colorectal cancer
Authors: Xiao-Hu Cheng, Tong-Tong Xu, Lian-Bang Zhou, Fang-Yuan Li, Song Wang, Huan-Ru Liang, Jing-Jing Tang, Chang-Qin Duan, Heng Jiang, Ying-Feng Zhang, Zhi-Ning Liu
Price: free access
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