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LncRNA KCNQ1OT1 controls cell proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis by sponging miR-326 to regulate c-Myc expression in acute myeloid leukemia
Authors: P. Cheng, P. Lu, J. Guan, Y. Zhou, L. Zou, X. Yi, H. Cheng
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Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR promotes cell viability, migration and invasion in thyroid cancer by sponging miR-17-5p
Authors: X. Liu, G. Liu, Y. Lu, Y. Shi
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Notch1 inactivation promotes invasion and metastasis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells partly through Slug activation
Authors: J. S. An, Y. S. Rho, J. H. Moon, Y. C. Lim
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Expression and prognostic significance of melatonin receptor MT1 in patients with gastric adenocarcinoma
Authors: X. T. Wang, C. W. Chen, X. M. Zheng, B. Wang, S. X. Zhang, M. H. Yao, H. Chen, H. F. Huang
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Low pretreatment PNI correlates with worse survival in patients with stage III/IV NSCLC who received chemotherapy
Authors: Y. Shen, H. Li, Z.Q. Yuan, M.Y. Ren, S.L. Yu, Y.D. Liao, J.J. Cai, C. Liu, B.C. Chen, A.H. Wu, G.F. Li, L. Xie
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Silencing of TPD52 inhibits proliferation, migration, invasion but induces apoptosis of pancreatic cancer cells by deactivating Akt pathway
Authors: Z. Wang, Y. Li, L. Fan, Q. Zhao, B. Tan, R. Liu, F. Li
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MiR-1203 is involved in hepatocellular carcinoma metastases and indicates a poor prognosis
Authors: J. Shi, X. Li, Y. HU, F. Zhang, X. Lv, X. Zhang, Q. Chen, S. Hu
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PAX3 silencing suppresses gastric cancer proliferation and angiogenesis via MET/PI3K signaling
Authors: W.L. Lv, Y.Y. Hu, Z.N. Li, W. Zhang, Q. Pan
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Angiotensin converting enzymes ACE and ACE2 in thyroid cancer progression
Authors: S. S. Narayan, K. Lorenz, J. Ukkat, C. Hoang-Vu, B. Trojanowicz
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miR-429 as biomarker for diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of cancers and its potential action mechanisms: A systematic literature review
Authors: C. M. Guo, S. Q. Liu, M. Z. Sun
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Identification of potential crucial genes associated with vasculogenic mimicry in human osteosarcoma based on gene expression profile
Authors: N. Yao, K. Ren, X. J. Gu, S. J. Wu, X. Shi, Q. Chang, Y. G. Li, Z. X. Gao, Q. M. Jin, J. Zhang, C. Wang, J. Zhou
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The potential of ciRS-7 for predicting onset and prognosis of cervical cancer
Authors: Y. Zhou, L. Shen, Y. Z. Wang, C. C. Zhou
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MiR-744 mediates the Oxaliplatin chemoresistance in colorectal cancer through inhibiting BIN1
Authors: Y. Zhou, A. He, L. Zhang, G. Yi
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KRT15 overexpression predicts poor prognosis in colorectal cancer
Authors: X. Rao,J. Wang,H. M. Song,B. Deng,J. G. Li
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miR-17-5p knockdown inhibits proliferation, autophagy and promotes apoptosis in thyroid cancer via targeting PTEN
Authors: Y. P. Shi, G. L. Liu, S. Li, X. L. Liu
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Macrophage migration inhibitory factor is differentially expressed in normal and choriocarcinoma trophoblast cells
Authors: A. Vilotic, Z. Bojic-Trbojevic, L. Vicovac, M. Jovanovic Krivokuca
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Patient-derived organoids of non-small cells lung cancer and their application for drug screening
Authors: Y. F. Li, Y. Gao, B. W. Liang, X. Q. Cao, Z. J. Sun, J. H. Yu, Z. D. Liu, Y. Han
Price: free access
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MicroRNA-506-3p inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis in ovarian cancer cell via targeting SIRT1/AKT/FOXO3a signaling pathway
Authors: X. Y. Xia, Y. J. Yu, F. Ye, G. Y. Peng, Y. J. Li, X. M. Zhou
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Heat shock protein gp96 and CD4+ and CD8+ T-lymphocytes expression as prognostic factors in various molecular types of invasive breast carcinoma
Authors: P. Radolovic, D. Grebic, E. Mustac, I. Sebaher, J. Mamic, W. M. Miletic
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