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Role of interleukins in the regulation of ovarian functions
Authors: K. Smolikova, A. Mlynarcikova, S. Scsukova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.4, p.237–253, 2012
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Regulation of cumulus expansion and hyaluronan synthesis in porcine oocyte-cumulus complexes during in vitro maturation
Authors: E. Nagyova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.4, p.225–235, 2012
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A new approach of light microscopic immunohistochemical triple-staining: combination of Fos labeling with diaminobenzidine-nickel and neuropeptides labeled with Alexa488 and Alexa555 fluorescent dyes
Authors: Z. Majercikova, H. van Weering, S. Scsukova, J. D. Mikkelsen, A. Kiss
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.4, p.217–223, 2012
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Modified endogenous carbon monoxide production through modulation of heme oxygenase activity alters some aspects of the cold restraint stress response in male albino rats
Authors: S. El-Sayed, M. Hassan, M. Ibrahim, E. Elbassuoni, N. Aziz
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.4, p.205–215, 2012
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Thyroid volume, iodine intake, autoimmune thyroid disorders, inborn factors, and endocrine disruptors: twenty-year studies of multiple effects puzzle in Slovakia
Authors: P. Langer, M. Tajtakova, A. Kocan, B. Drobna, L. Kostalova, G. Fodor, I. Klimes
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.4, p.191–203, 2012
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Molecular and hereditary mechanisms of sensorineural hearing loss with focus on selected endocrinopathies
Authors: I. Masindova, L. Varga, J. Stanik, L. Valentinova, M. Profant, I. Klimes, D. Gasperikova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.3, p.167–186, 2012
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The role of endocrine mechanisms in ventilator-associated lung injury in critically ill patients
Authors: A. Penesova, A. Galusova, M. Vigas, M. Vlcek, R. Imrich, M. Majek
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.3, p.161–166, 2012
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Homer 1 – a new player linking the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity to depression and anxiety
Authors: V. Grinevich, P. H. Seeburg, M. K. Schwarz, D. Jezova
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.3, p.153–159, 2012
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Correlation between the body fat composition and high sensitive C-reactive protein in Turkish adults
Authors: M. Aydin, T. Dumlu, R. Alemdar, O. Kayapinar, G. Celbek, A. Karabacak, Y. Turker, H. Kaya, F. Ertas, Z. Atilgan
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.3, p.147–152, 2012
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Aerobic training lasting for 10 weeks elevates the adipose tissue FABP4, Giα, and adiponectin expression associated by a reduced protein oxidation
Authors: K. Krskova, M. Eckertova, M. Kukan, D. Kuba, A. Kebis, R. Olszanecki, M. Suski, L. Gajdosechova, S. Zorad
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.3, p.137–146, 2012
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Medial prefrontal cortex transection enhanced stress-induced activation of sympathoadrenal system in rats
Authors: K. Ondicova, R. Kvetnansky, B. Mravec
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.3, p.129–136, 2012
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The biochemical complexity of the endocannabinoid system with some remarks on stress and related disorders: a minireview
Authors: I. Barna, D. Zelena
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.2, p. 107–124, 2012
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Impact of Type 2 diabetes on Glucokinase diabetes (GCK-MODY) phenotype in a Roma (Gypsy) family – case report
Authors: J. Stanik, M. Kusekova, M. Huckova, L. Valentinova, I. Masindova, D. Stanikova, J. Ferenczova, D. Gasperikova, I. Klimes
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.2, p. 99–105, 2012
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High fat diet impact on Fos expression in ovariectomized female C57BL/6 mice: effect of colchicine and response of different neuronal phenotypes
Authors: Z. Pirnik, J. Bundzikova, A. Kiss
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.2, p. 91–97, 2012
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Chronic resveratrol administration has beneficial effects in experimental model of type 2 diabetic rats.
Authors: F. G. Soufi, R. Sheervalilou, M. Vardiani, M. Khalili, M. R. Alipour
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.2, p. 83–90, 2012
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Protective effect of GHRP-6 and estrogen supplementation against some cardiometabolic risk factors in ovariectomized rats
Authors: E. Elbassuoni, M. Ragy, N. Aziz
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.2, p. 73–81, 2012
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Dehydroepiandrosterone in the type 1 diabetes mellitus
Authors: M. Duskova, H. Hruskovicova, M. Hill, L. Starka
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.2, p.67-71, 2012
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Relationship between disease activity and serum levels of vitamin D and parathyroid hormone in rheumatoid arthritis
Authors: J. Moghimi, A. Sadeghi, M. Malek, R. Ghorbani
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.2, p.61-66, 2012
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Blood testosterone in middle aged males heavily exposed to endocrine disruptors is decreasing more with HCB and p,p’-DDE related to BMI and lipids, but not with Σ15PCBs
Authors: P. Langer, A. Kocan, B. Drobna, K. Susienkova, Z. Radikova, M. Huckova, R. Imrich , I. Klimes
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.2, p.51-59, 2012
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Environmental endocrine disruptors and obesity
Authors: E. Karoutsou, A. Polymeris
Endocrine Regulations Vol.46, No.1, p.37-46, 2012
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