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Neoplasma Vol.55, No.6, p.501-506, 2008

Title: Normal maturation sequence of immunoglobulin light and heavy chains in hematogone stages 1, 2 and 3 in acute leukemia after treatment

Abstract: The cellular diversity of bone marrow samples was studied by using multi-dimensional cluster analysis of six-parametric flow cytometry data (four CD, forward scatter and side scatter), focusing mainly on acute leukemia blast cells and regeneration of normal B-cells, hematogones. This approach should enhance the ability to study normal hematopoiesis, and to identify and monitor hematopoietic disorders. The study was performed on a homogeneous group of patients (mainly children), all of them after finishing complete therapy for AL, mostly B-ALL. In all of these patients complete pattern of all three individual Hg stages was present. Maturation spectra of surface immunoglobulin kappa (sIgκ) and lambda (sIgλ) light chains and IgM, IgA heavy chains in all three stages of Hgs are presented as reliable reports on sIgs as their incidence on Hgs are scarse and even contradictory. The Ig expression paralles CD20 expression. SIg of light (κ,λ) and heavy (IgM, IgA) chains were completally absent in stage 1 Hgs and their expression increased through stage 2 to 3; IgM was expressed similarly. Light Ig chains κ/λ were expressed in a polytypic way. The results completed information on normal maturation sequence of bone marrow stage 1, 2 and 3 hematogone regeneration in treated acute leukemia patients.

Keywords: Acute leukemia, benign B-lymphocyte precursors, hematogones, multiparameter flow cytometry, surface Ig of light (κ,λ) and heavy (IgM, IgA) chains maturation sequence
Year: 2008, Volume: 55, Issue: 6 Page From: 501, Page To: 506

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