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General Physiology and Biophysics Vol.27, p.38-44, 2008

Title: Potassium-chloride promiscuous channels in mitochondrial membranes
Author: K. Ondrias, L. Malekova, O. Krizanova

Abstract: Mitochondrial membranes isolated from a rat heart muscle were incorporated into a bilayer lipid membrane (BLM) and channel currents were measured in 250/50 mmol/l KCl cis/trans solutions. The channel currents measured from –40 to +40 mV had various linear voltage-current relationships and K+/Cl– permeability ratios at distinct voltage ranges. The channels possessed K+-Cl– promiscuous property. Depending on voltage, membrane permeability suddenly switched from K+ over Cl– to Cl– over K+ and back. The channels had Cl–/K+ > 1 permeability at potentials around 0 mV and the permeability was switched to K+/Cl– > 1 at more negative and positive potentials. The chloride channel blocker, 5-nitro-2-(phenylpropylamino)-benzoate (NPPB, 5 × 10–5 mol/l), influenced properties of the promiscuous channels – it activated potassium conductance of the channels.

Keywords: Mitochondrial membrane — Promiscuous channels — NPPB — Single channel properties — BLM
Year: 2008, Volume: 27, Issue: Page From: 38, Page To: 44

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