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Metallic Materials Vol. 48 (2010), no. 1, pp. 73 - 85

Title: Abrasive wear of WC-NiMoCrFeCo thermally sprayed coatings in dependence on different types of abrasive sands

Abstract: The abrasive wear is a very extended type of wear, which in 80-90 % causes all possible damages of machine elements operation parts. WC-NiMoCrFeCo coating was investigated as an advantageous material for wear protection and its abrasion wear resistance was tested. The tribological tests were performed in “low-stress conditions” using Dry Sand Rubber/Wheel Test in accordance with the ASTM G-65 Standard. Alumina and silica abrasive sands were chosen in three different size distributions: Al2O3 in grain size 75-90 µm, 212-250 µm, 600-700 µm and SiO2 in grain size 60-90 µm, 200-300 µm, 600-700 µm. The wear tracks of WC-Hastelloy coating were examined using scanning electron microscope. WC-NiMoCrFeCo was found as a good alternative to the commonly used carbide coating. To evaluate an abrasive ability and efficiency of all abrasive mediums, the wear test of soft carbon steel and of WC-Hastelloy coating was performed by periodical using of abrasive particles.

Keywords: WC-Hastelloy, abrasive wear, Al2O3 sand, SiO2 sand, grain size, abrasive efficiency
Year: 2010, Volume: 48, Issue: 1 Page From: 73, Page To: 85

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