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Neoplasma Vol.58, No.2, p.153-157, 2011

Title: The Expression of Histone Demethylase JMJD1A in Renal Cell Carcinoma
Author: X. GUO, M. SHI, L. SUN, Y. WANG, Y. GUI, Z. CAI, X. DUAN

Abstract: Background: Hypoxia-inducible factor 1α has been shown to play a central role in RCC tumorigenesis by acting as a transcription factor. Histone demethylase JMJD1A is an iron- and 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase which catalyze the demethylation of mono- and dimethylated H3K9. JMJD1A can be upregulated by hypoxia via HIF-1 and associated with cancer.
The expression of JMJD1A was determined in 10 kidney cancer tissue and adjacent tissue by quantitative polymerase chain reaction, western blotting and immunohistochemistry. Furthermore, the expression of JMJD1A was investigated in cell line 786-0 through adding nickle or cobalt ion to mimic hypoxic environment.
The expression of JMJD1A was higher in cancer tissue than adjacent tissue, and in hypoxic environment than normal environment. In cancer tissue, the JMJD1A mainly located around blood vessels which indicated that JMJD1A is involved tumor angiogenesis. Conclusion: the increased expression of JMJD1A might be associated with the progression of kidney cancer.

Keywords: renal cell carcinoma, histone demethylase, JMJD1A, hypoxia-inducible factor, iron
Year: 2011, Volume: 58, Issue: 2 Page From: 153, Page To: 157
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