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Studia Psychologica Vol.53, No.1, p.13-26, 2011

Author: Indiwar MISRA, Damodar SUAR, Manas K. MANDAL

Abstract: The effect of lateralization on perceptual scanning was studied among males (N = 199).  Lateralization was assessed through a handedness inventory and right-, left- and mixed-handers were identified. On split visual-field task the right-handers correctly identified verbal stimuli more in the right visual field and non-verbal stimuli in the left visual field. The left-handers performed at higher level in the left visual-field for both types of stimuli. The left-handers had recognized more stimuli than the right-handers. On the dichotic listening task the mixed-handers recognized significantly more stimuli than the right- and left-handers. The right-handers reported correctly more verbal stimuli from the right ear. The left-handers reported stimuli more correctly from the left ear. On dichaptic scanning task the left-handers showed a left hand advantage and right-handers showed a right hand advantage irrespective of the nature of stimuli. The performance of mixed-handers remained invariant across the experimental conditions on all the three tasks.

Keywords: dichaptic technique, dichotic listening, handedness, laterality, split visual-field
Year: 2011, Volume: 53, Issue: 1 Page From: 13, Page To: 26

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