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General Physiology and Biophysics Vol.30, Special Issue, p.70–76, 2011

Title: Comparative fluorescence analysis of the bovine sperm using IVA-520 (anti-CD46 antibody) and lectins: probable localisation of CD46 on bovine sperm membrane
Author: Jana Jankovicova, Jana Antalikova, Michal Simon, Katarina Michalkova, Lubica Horovska

Abstract: Membrane cofactor protein (CD46) is complement regulatory protein with probable function in the reproduction process. Expression of CD46 on human, mice, rat and guinea pig spermatozoa is restricted to the inner acrosomal membrane. In spite of the presence of anti-sperm antibodies and other potential complement activating agents in follicular fluid, CD46 is not expressed on the plasma membrane of spermatozoa as the other complement regulatory proteins (DAF and CD59) in human. Using dual immunofluorescence labelling with mAb IVA-520 (anti-bovine CD46) and various lectins with different binding pattern or monoclonal antibody ACR.4, targeted against intra-acrosomal protein, we excluded the expression of CD46 on the inner acrosomal membrane as well as in the acrosomal content but, we suggested the localization of this molecule on the outer acrosomal membrane and possibly on the plasma membrane of bovine sperm.

Keywords: Sperm membrane — Bovine CD46 — Lectins — MAb IVA-520
Year: 2011, Volume: 30, Issue: 5 Page From: 70, Page To: 76

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