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Bratislava Medical Journal Vol.113, No.2, p.99-102, 2012

Title: Effects of abdominal compartment syndrome on gastric emptying time
Author: C. Balci, E. Kaya, I. Demirkan, R. Sivaci, A. H. Ibis, G. Akbulut, Y. Ela


ntroduction: Increase in intra-abdominal pressure may affect gastric emptying time but the precise effect has not been demonstrated. Effects of acute increase of intra-abdominal pressure on gastric emptying time can not be demonstrated in clinical or experimental studies. In this study we aimed to study the effect of increased intra-abdominal pressure on gastric emptying time.
Methods: Six male stray dogs that weighed 20–25 kg were studied. Following the induction of general anaesthesia, an abdominal catheter was placed and intra-abdominal pressure was raised at a rate of 5 cm H2O every 10 minutes using intra-abdominal administration of physiologic saline solution until 45 cm H2O pressure was reached. Gastric emptying time was measured scintigraphically at the begining of the study (IAB 0 cm H2O ) and again four hours later when pressure reached the maximum value (IAP was 45 cm H2O).

Results: Gastric emptying time for baseline pressure was in average 51.83±13.16 whereas for 45 cm H2O pressure it was in average 90.83±26.96. This difference was found statistically significant  (p<0.05). The differences between baseline values and values after increased intra-abdominal pressurewere statistically significant (Tab. 4, Fig. 1, Ref. 26).

Keywords: abdominal compartment syndromes, scintigraphy, gastric emptying.
Published online: 20-Feb-2012
Year: 2012, Volume: 113, Issue: 2 Page From: 99, Page To: 102

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