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Neoplasma Vol.61, No.1, p.48-55, 2014

Title: Incidence of cytogenetic aberrations in two B lineage subpopulations in multiple myeloma patients analyzed by combination of whole-genome profiling and FISH
Author: J. Smetana, E. Dementyeva, F. Kryukov, P. Nemec, H. Greslikova, R. Kupska, A. Mikulasova, I. Ihnatova, R. Hajek, P. Kuglik

Abstract: Multiple myeloma (MM) is an incurable malignant disease of the terminal developmental stage of B-lymphocytes. While genetic heterogeneity of MM is widely described, little is known about its genetic basis as well as primary damage during plasma cells (PC) development. In this study, we focused on genome-wide screening of DNA copy number changes using oligonucleotide-based array-CGH together with I-FISH of the IgH locus rearrangements in pair samples of bone marrow B-cells (CD19+) and CD138+ PC from newly diagnosed MM patients. The IgH disruption was found in 8.9% (4/45) of CD19+ samples and in 57.8% (26/45) of CD138+ samples. The genomic profiling using array-CGH identified copy number alterations (CNAs) in 10% (2/20) of CD19+ samples in regions known to be important for MM pathogenesis. In contrast, we found CNAs in 100% (16/16) of CD138+ samples. Most common chromosomal abnormalities were trisomies of odd-numbered chromosomes (3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, 19 and 21), gain 1q, gain Xq and monosomy of chromosome 13. We did not find any correlation between incidence of CNAs in CD19+ and CD138+ cells. In conclusion, effective utilization of FISH and array-CGH can identify genetic lesions in premalignant stages leading to better understanding and characterization of MM.

Keywords: Multiple myeloma; CD19+; CD138+; cytogenetics; array-CGH; FISH
Published online: 19-Sep-2013
Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 1 Page From: 48, Page To: 55

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