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Metallic Materials Vol. 52 (2014), no. 2, pp.85-91

Title: Research on cracking initiation and propagation near Ti/Al interface during TIG welding of titanium to aluminium
Author: S. WEI, Y. LI, J. WANG, K. LIU

Abstract: Titanium alloy TA15 and aluminium alloy Al2024 were welded by tungsten inert-gas arc welding using AlSi12 filler wire. Microstructure and phase constituents of weld zone near Ti/Al interface were analyzed by means of scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. Initiation and propagation of welding cracks near Ti/Al interface were investigated. Supplementary measures on controlling of cracking were clarified. Titanium and aluminium alloys were partially fusion welded in the upper part while brazed in the middle and bottom parts of the joint. In Ti/Al fusion zone, intermetallics Ti3Al+Ti5Si3, TiAl+Ti5Si3 and TiAl3 formed as three layers orderly from titanium side to weld metal. Near Ti/Al brazed interface, intermetallics Ti5Si3 and TiAl3 formed as two layers from titanium side to weld metal. Two kinds of cracks appeared near Ti/Al interface. One kind initiated in weld zone with high residual stress; the other initiated in brittle Ti-Al intermetallics. Preference propagation paths of cracks are along the interfaces between different intermetallic layers or cross micro-defects near Ti/Al interface.

Keywords: titanium, aluminium, fusion welding, brazing, welding crack
Published online: 08-Apr-2014
Year: 2014, Volume: 52, Issue: 2 Page From: 85, Page To: 91

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