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Metallic Materials Vol. 52 (2014), no. 3, pp.135-140

Title: Effect of ultra-fast cooling on microstructure and mechanical properties in a plain low carbon steel
Author: B. X. Wang, J. B. Lian, X. H. Liu, G. D. Wang

Abstract: In order to explore the ways to obtain excellent mechanical properties in steels with simple
compositions, a plain low carbon steel was subjected to ultra-fast cooling precisely combined
with laminar cooling (UFC + LC model) and only laminar cooling (LC model) respectively
after the same controlled rolling, and the microstructural characteristics as well as corresponding
mechanical properties were investigated. The results show that under LC model, the
microstructure is composed of coarse proeutectoid ferrite and pearlite, whereas UFC + LC
model leads to the appearances of a certain amount of fine sheaf-like bainitic ferrite and acicular
ferrite besides plenty of fine proeutectoid ferrite and scarce degenerate pearlite. Bainitic
ferrite and acicular ferrite contain plenty of grain boundaries with misorientations of 2–7◦,
which further refines the microstructure associated with strength under UFC + LC model.
Compared with LC model, UFC + LC model increases yield strength from 271 to 365 MPa
because of grain refinement and dislocation strengthening effects. In the meantime, the steel
treated by UFC + LC model exhibits lower ductile-brittle transition temperature of –59.3◦C
compared with that of –44.5◦C of the steel subjected to only LC model as a consequence of
microstructural refinement.

Keywords: ultra-fast cooling, laminar cooling, plain low carbon steel, microstructural characteristics, mechanical properties
Published online: 01-Feb-2016
Year: 2014, Volume: 52, Issue: 3 Page From: 135, Page To: 140

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