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Metallic Materials Vol. 54 (2016), no. 6, pp.417-427

Title: Hydrogen pre-charging effects on the notch tensile properties and fracture behaviour of heat-affected zones of thermally aged welds between T24 and T92 creep-resistant steels

Abstract: The effects of thermal exposure at 600 °C and subsequent electrolytic hydrogen charging at ambient temperature were studied in terms of their influence on notch-tensile properties and fracture behaviour of individual heat-affected zones (HAZ) of Ni-based transition weldments between T24 and T92 creep-resistant steels. The experimental welded joints were prepared by gas tungsten arc welding using “Inconel-type” filler metal Nirod 600. Post-weld heat treatment (PWHT) was carried out at 720 °C for 2 h, followed by passive cooling within tempering furnace. Subsequent long-term ageing of two series of prepared T24/T92 dissimilar welds at 600 °C for 1000 and 5000 h, respectively, led to gradual changes in both T24 and T92 HAZ microstructures, which were mainly related to their additional tempering accompanied by the coarsening of original precipitates as well as newly-formed secondary phases. The observed thermally-induced microstructural changes together with subsequently applied hydrogen charging effects resulted in complex variations in tensile properties and fracture behaviour of individual HAZ regions related to the pre-existing differences in their initial tempering grade due to the used PWHT procedure.

Keywords: creep-resistant steels, dissimilar welding, isothermal ageing, hydrogen embrittlement, mechanical properties, fracture mechanisms
Published online: 08-Dec-2016
Year: 2016, Volume: 54, Issue: 6 Page From: 417, Page To: 427

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