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Neoplasma Vol.65, No.1, p.104-112, 2018

Title: Proteomic alterations of fibroblasts induced by ovarian cancer cells reveal potential cancer targets

Abstract: The common spread pattern of ovarian cancer is peritoneal implantation. The growth of the shed ovarian cancer cells in the peritoneal cavity is closely related to the tumor microenvironment. Cancer-associated fibroblasts are vital in the tumor microenvironment. It is not clearly defined that the protein expression alters during the activating process of fibroblasts. This study detected the protein alterations in fibroblasts induced by ovarian cancer cells and explored the potential biological relevance through two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. Our data showed that the level of CENPE, BAG2, SOD2, GDI2, CORO1C, CFL1, DSTN, CALD1, PHGDH, PDHA1, AKR1B1, TST and TBCA proteins were significantly up-regulated in the fibroblasts co-cultured with ovarian cancer cells, whereas HSPB1, P4HB and VIM were significantly
down-regulated. However, only BAG2, SOD2 and CORO1C proteins were confirmed to be significantly increased by western blot analysis. The differentially expressed proteins were mainly involved in metabolic processes, cellular component organization, responses to stimulus, multicellular organismal processes, localization, protein depolymerization, cellular senescence and the mitotic pathway. These data demonstrated that fibroblasts had an altered protein expression pattern after being induced by ovarian cancer cells, and participated in multiple cell processes resulting in tumor progression. The differentially expressed proteins should be considered as targets for cancer treatment.

Keywords: ovarian neoplasms, fibroblast, stroma, biomarker, proteomics
Published online: 11-Jan-2018
Year: 2018, Volume: 65, Issue: 1 Page From: 104, Page To: 112
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